Today the 1929 nickel worth begins at 65 cents each. The price is for a greatly worn coin, in what is known as "Good" condition.


The last years of Buffalo nickels start to display a lowering of minimum values. However before manufacturing at the Denver and also San Francisco mints was far less than Philadelphia.

Look initially for branch mint coins, established by an "S" or "D" as they are highly valued by collectors, often worth twice the Philadelphia nickel. Any buffalo nickel, through a readable date and either a "D" or "S" mintmark is in demand also.

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Along with mintmarks and days, the condition of your old nickel must be taken into consideration, it drives 1929 nickel worth higher.

Is your coin heavily worn and just component of the date shows, or is it well identified and sharp in appearance? The difference in how much your Buffalo nickel is worth is often surpincreasing. A 1929-D ranges in value from $.70 cents to over $49 and higher depending on problem.


Of the 3 mints that created Buffalo nickels, the 1929 "D" is the one you are hoping to find.

A small "D" located on the reverse suggests the coin was produced in Denver. The following in worth is the San Francisco mint coin identified by an "S". And exceptionally equivalent to the "S" in value is the Philadelphia mint problem, it does not have actually a mintmark.

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1929 Nickel ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1929 Nickel Value Updated2021
1929$0.67 $2.04 $12 $32
1929 D$0.70 $2 $25 $51
1929 S$0.70 $2 $9 $36

Auction Produces $632 Value for 1929 Buffalo Nickel

Major coin auctions tempt the highest possible high quality coins and current them to the greatest top quality bidders.

Heritage Auction Galleries is today"s largest rare coin auction house. Their auctions repetitively market countless dollars of rare coins. In addition their webwebsite boasts over 500,000 registered users. A few even more prominent rare coin auction firms include...

Bowers and also Merena Auctions Stacks Rare Coin Auctions Ira and also Larry Goldberg Auctioneers

The over are all respected leaders in the market that develop outcomes. Here is the outcome of one remarkable 1929 nickel at auction.

With eye recording light maroon toning fading to violet at the rims it required a final price of $632 at a Heritage Auction for one significant collector to take home a Gem problem 1929-S nickel. A high high quality coin offering in a high quality auction resulted in high 1929 nickel value.

Condition Determines 1929 Nickel Value

As you kind via these old nickels, sepaprice nicer top quality ones from the remainder and compare them to the "Grading" imperiods. Judging their problem accurately identifies coins with possibly higher worth.