You deserve to easily watch in some shops, they have Mosin Nagant via the cheap price about 100 to 200 $, but in a number of shops, they market it with the 1000$ priced. It is tough the uncover the reason why it happens.

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It relies upon the model. The 91/30 weighs 8.8 lbs.

How a lot does the lumber mosin nagant stock weigh?

Depends on WHICH Mosin Nagant- tright here are several models, and numerous different stocks. ROUGHLY 3 pounds. Read More

Why is the mosin nagant referred to as the mosin nagant?

Mosin-Nagant guns acquire their name from the developers - Sergei Ivanovich Mosin who was a Colonel in the Russian Army and also Emile & Leon Nagant who were Belgian weapon designers. Read More

Mosin nagant m44?

Yes. Mosin Nagant renders a rifle that is about 40" long and has actually a folding bayonet. It is dubbed a M44 Read More

Is the mosin nagant provided in US military?

The Mosin Nagant was offered by the US and Russia and also various other countries in World War 1. It is not provided currently. Read More

What is the worth of a mosin-nagant airsoft rifle?

This all depends on the that provides the rifle. A WWIIGUNS, Mosin-nagant, made in japan can cost as much as $1400. It is made of wood and also metal. If you have one, state the manufacture and what condition it is in to attempt to asses the worth. Read More

What is the caliber of a 1915 New England also mosin nagant?

7.62x54r just like every various other mosin naganr Read More

What is the best scout mount for the Mosin M44? Read More


Is the mosin nagant sight based upon meters?

Yes. The rear sight blade on a Mosin-Nagant rifle is in metric increments. Russia and the Soviet Union never before supplied the Imperial mechanism, nor did any kind of country which made the Mosin-Nagant under license from the Soviet Union (Mosin-Nagant rifles were manufactured in the US from 1915 - 1917 under contract from the Russian Realm prior to the Bolshevik Rdevelopment, but those likewise had actually sights measured in metric intervals. Rifles were also produced for the Russian… Read More

Are the mosin nagant m44 rifles legal to own in Canada?

How execute Russians pronounce Mosin Nagant?

What rifle did vassily zaitsev use?

When Zaitsev arrived in Stalingrad he offered the typical Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifle,later in Stalingrad when Zaitsev was promoted to sniper he provided a Mosin Nagant 91/30 with a 4X PEM scope,After Stalingrad Zaitsev was issued a Mosin Nagant 91/30 via a PU 3.5X scope. He likewise lugged a PPSH submachine gun Read More

Wright here deserve to you buy a Finnish Mosin Nagant m27 trigger digital in the U.S.?

Tbelow are on-line forums devoted to particular guns, including the Mosin Nagant- they would certainly be an excellent starting allude. The attach listed below will certainly take you to one such forum. Read More

What is more fun to shoot via and a much better deal- A mosin nagant with 880 pack for 210 or 22lr ar15 form through 500 pak for 220?

That"s a smoking deal on the Mosin-Nagant. That"s the one I"d go with. Read More

What is the worth of a mosin nagant type 44?

What weapons did Russia have in World War 2?


How carry out you remove front sight mosin nagant?

What ammo does a mosin nagant use?

What is the price of a 91 30 mosin nagant?

Is tbelow any other rifle in a 7.62 that is about the same price as a mosin nagant?

What is the average price of a mosin nagant 91 30?

What are the release dates for Midway USA"s Gun Stories - 2011 The Mosin Nagant 3-7?

Midmethod USA"s Gun Stories - 2011 The Mosin Nagant 3-7 was released on: USA: 14 August 2013 Read More

Wright here deserve to you acquire components and also details on the m91 Remington nagant rifle? has actually a large amount of indevelopment on any Mosin Nagant rifle you can ever before desire. Read More

How perform you boost trigger on Mosin Nagant?

How is the M-39 Fired?

The Mosin Nagant M39 is a standard bolt action rifle. Read More

What sort of weapons Russian army use?

If youre asking in WWII they offered the Mosin-Nagant. Read More

Can you put an exterior magazine on a mosin nagant?

It would certainly price even more than the rifle to execute, however, yes. Read More

What did a Russian Mosin-Nagant rifle cost?

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What is the many long lasting gun in the world?

I would certainly need to say a mosin nagant, mauser, enfield, pretty much any type of bolt action made roughly that time Read More

What is the worth of a mosin nagant 1936?

Use a gun blue book for a precise answer; but a Mosin-Nagant model 1891 in full military dress (in excellent shape) might average around $300.00. It"s a decent rifle, simply hasn"t ever captured on in the US. Read More

How a lot is a 1940s Russian mosin nagan worth?

It all relies on the stock, year, form, problem, and if it has an original scope. But %90 of all the Mosin Nagant rifles you see on the sector are $60.00 to $200.00. Some of the even more rare can go to $400.00. Read More

What is the value of mosin nagant cartridge made in 1898?

50-500 relying on specifically what you have actually, problem, and so on.. Read More

What perform the numbers on a mosin-nagant rifle mean?

Most of the numbers are the serial number. Read More

How do you take out the cleaning rod on a mosin nagant?

Rotate it counterclockwise, and then pull straight out when it"s completely out of the threads. Read More

What is the worth of a 1942 Mosin nagant 762 x 54r?

Depfinishing on the precise version and also the condition, about $200. Read More

What type off rifles are caliber 7.62x59?

The 7.62x59 ammunition is a excess ammunition used in the Mosin Nagant Read More

What gun shoots the 7.62x54?

Among several, the a lot of common is probably the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifle. Read More

Where have the right to you buy spare mosin nagant 91 30 firing pin springs?

They are $6.25 plus shipping from gunpartscorp. Read More

Mosin-Nagant bolt activity rifle?

Good collector"s rifle value $70 - $150 USD in 2012. No major damages to hardwood stock and also many bluing on steel undamaged. Read More

What did the famous ww2 Russian sniper vassili zaitsev use?

In Stalingrad Zaitsev provided a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 fitted via a 4X PEM scope, in caliber 7.62 x 54R. After Stalingrad from 1943-1945 Zaitsev supplied a Mosin Nagant 91/30 fitted through a PU 3.5X scope Read More

What is the worth of a Mosin Nagant rifle in 762x54r?

$50 - $700, depending on exact design, all at once condition, arsenal, and so on Read More

What was the finest sniper rifle used in people battle 2?

The Mosin Nagant. Accurate, excellent range, and plus it looks excellent. Bolt activity, renders a nice sound. It could be fitted with a bayonet and also a scope. Don"t take my word for it, I"m simply saying Mosin Nagant bereason I am Russian. Read More

Your father has actually a Russian rifle with the composing 1919 on it Any concept what it is?

Without offering all the marqueens and a thorough description, no. Could be a Mosin-Nagant. Could be made by Remington or Westinghome, can be marked Винтовка Мосина, ISO 9: Vintovka Mosina Go to Read More