I’ve wanted to write about one that my favourite anime, Madoka Magica, again for a few weeks now, however could never come up with a great topic. The is, until now.

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Homura Akemi: The mistake is the very first in a five-part collection I’m going to be doing about the 5 main personalities from Madoka Magica. Brand-new posts in this collection will it is in uploaded every Monday all with September, for this reason you know what the means, #MadokaMondays!

Homura go Nothing Wrong

It’s the popular id in the Madoka Magica community that Homura Akemi “did nothing wrong,” however I’m below to tell you that’s a finish lie. That’s right, Homura is in reality the reason of everyone else’s misfortune (sort of).

I’d also go so far regarding say that Homura is the antagonist of the series, not Kyubey. While neither of them are objectively “evil,” Homura actively works versus the protagonist, Madoka, while Kyubey is little more than one observer.

Now, while i say that Homura is the antagonist, I likewise believe the she’s the true protagonist that the series. So perhaps it’s better to say that Homura is the protagonist and Madoka is the antagonist? the seems like a topic of discussion for a future time, for this reason I’ll leave it at that for now.

Back to the topic in ~ hand, before I deserve to really describe why Homura did everything wrong, I very first need to describe the viewpoint behind “Homura did nothing wrong.”

You see, Homura provides a pact v Kyubey and becomes a magical girl because that one reason, to save Madoka. As she lay dice in Homura’s arms, Madoka asks Homura to avoid her indigenous ever coming to be a wonder girl in the very first place.

So therefore, the debate is the Homura isn’t come blame for anything the transpires after that because she was merely fulfilling Madoka’s dice wish.

But prior to I even get come explaining exactly how Homura messed up, we should already see a crucial issue here. Just since you execute something in ~ the request of someone else doesn’t average you’re able come wash your hands the the after-effects of your actions.

Here’s one analogy: if you punch someone in the face, but then use the defense that someone else told friend to execute it, you’re tho going to gain arrested for assault. Just since Madoka asked Homura to save her from her past self, doesn’t mean Homura isn’t come blame for what happened due to her actions.

Homura Akemi

There room a pair of problems I have actually with the people Homura “creates” at the end of Rebellion. The very first issue is that this isn’t a genuine world, it’s all just an illusion the herself and also the various other girls are trapped in temporarily. Since Sayaka still has her memories, it reflects that she technically quiet exists exterior of this world, which she wouldn’t if the weren’t simply an illusion.

The 2nd issue is that “temporarily” part. If it’s great and all the Madoka doesn’t have to be alone forever now, and also that the five girls deserve to all be with each other again, the can’t last. If they’re lucky, it will last until they all dice of herbal causes, yet the illusion will likely failure before that point.

Evidence because that this have the right to be discovered when Sayaka, ns believe, mentions that ultimately Madoka will certainly remember the she’s a god now and also will return to her place as the legislation of Cycles. We likewise see Madoka practically remember this, but Homura is may be to stop her in time.

By this logic, when her “natural” life expectancy ends, Madoka will just return to gift the law of Cycles when again and also be alone because that eternity once more. Therefore really, Homura’s “fix” is little an ext than short-term patchwork.

The final problem I have with this “fix” is that Homura is forcing anyone to live within her illusory world. It’s essentially the same principle as the infinite Tsukuyomi from Naruto: Shippūden, if you’re much more familiar with that. Will the girls simply be middle schoolers until the human being ends?

At best, Homura’s means of resolving the troubles she herself produced can’t maybe last, and also yet she’s still smug around it once Sayaka presses her. Let’s also not forget that this illusory world of hers is interfering with Madoka’s role as the regulation of Cycles, meaning she can’t save various other magical girl while she’s trapped over there by Homura.


In conclusion, Homura did everything wrong in Madoka Magica, but if you’d choose to shot to to convince me otherwise, I’ll gladly hear out your debates in the comment ar down below. However, if you favored this explanation of just how Homura did every little thing wrong, you can let me know simply by click the heart button under this post.

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