Kobe Bryant is just one of the greatest basketround players to have graced the NBA. He spent his whole expert basketball career playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, helping them win 5 championships during that run. 

For many, Bryant was the perfect example of once hard work-related meets god-offered talent. His flair on the court and his persona off the court became bigger than basketsphere. Knvery own for his relentmuch less pursuit of greatness and an unforoffering sense of perfection he was a grasp at his craft. He had actually eextremely feasible weapon in his arsenal, on both sides of the court.

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When Kobe came right into the league he was not a great shooter however within a few years, he came to be an assassin via the ball in his hand. He is an 18-time All-Star, 14-time All-NBA, 12-time All-defense, and also a 5-time NBA champion to list a couple of of his many kind of astounding accomplishments in basketsphere. 

Player nameKobe Bean Bryant
Ring count5
Ring years2000-02,2009-10
Won championships withLA Lakers
Drafted byCharlotte Hornets
Drafted year1996

How many type of rings does Kobe Bryant have?

The NBA championship ring is an award from the NBA that is presented to the team that wins the Finals. Kobe Bryant has won a full of 5 rings in 20 seasons in the NBA. 

What years did Kobe Bryant win his rings?

2000-02: The well known Los Angeles Lakers 3-peat started when Phil Jackboy took over as head coach. Kobe remained in his prime dominating the league from the shooting guard position. 

With Shaquille O’Neal as the team"s leading star, they went on to win 3 consecutive rings. This run is thought about to be one of the many dominant championships in NBA background. In their first championship run, they won 67 games in the continuous seakid which is tied for the 5th many in NBA background. They then steamrolled everyone in the playoffs to reach the Finals to challenge off versus the Portland also Trail Blazers. Although Shaq was the leader of the franchise, Kobe was super clutch in Game 4 of the Finals. He scored 22 points in the second half and led the team to an OT victory after O"Neal had fouled out of the game. Bryant converted the final shot of the game to put the Los Angeles Lakers ahead by 120–118. With a 116–111 Video Game 6 victory, the Los Angeles Lakers won their first championship since 1988. 

The second championship run was also more leading as the Lakers went 16-1 in the playoffs. The just complement they lost was in the Finals to the Philadelphia 76ers. Kobe Bryant played heavy minutes and also videotaped a stat line of 29.4 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 6.1 assists per game. He ultimately ended up making the All-NBA 2nd Team and also All-NBA Defensive Team for the second year in a row.

Following the second championship, the road to the Finals would prove a lot more difficult than the historical run of the previous year.

The Lakers brushed up the Portland Trail Blazers and beat the San Antonio Spurs 4–1 in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. In the conference Finals, the 2-time defending champions didn’t have home-court advantage against the Sacramento Kings. The series would certainly stretch to seven games, the initially time this had occurred to the Los Angeles Lakers because the 2000 Western Conference Finals.

However, Kobe Bryant and the crew were effective in beating their department rivals and also confirming their spot in the third consecutive NBA Finals. In the Finals that year versus the New Jersey Nets, Bryant averaged 26.8 points on 51.4% shooting through 5.8 rebounds and also 5.3 assists per game. When all was shelp and done, he finished via a quarter of his team"s points from that post-seaboy. At the age of 23, Kobe Bryant ended up being the youngest player to win three championships.


2009-10: After shedding to the Boston Celtics the previous season Los Angeles Lakers had actually a chip on their shoulder. Kobe Bryant came ago incredibly urged, leading his team to a 65-17 regular-season document. With All-Star Pau Gasol as his running mate, they beat Utah Jazz and also Houston Rockets in the first 2 rounds and then took out the Denver Nuggets in the conference finals. In the Finals, Dwight Howard led Orlanexecute Magic to stand also in their method, whom they eventually beat in 5 games. Kobe won his 4th ring and also his initially without Shaq. He became the first player because Jerry West in the 1969 NBA Finals to average at least 32.4 points and also 7.4 assists for a Finals series. He also ended up being the first since Michael Jordan to average 30 points, 5 rebounds, and also 5 assists for a title-winning team in the Finals.

2009 - For the second time in his career, Kobe Bryant made it to the NBA Finals 3 years in a row. During the run to the Finals, Los Angeles Lakers beat Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver Nuggets, and also the Phoenix Suns. It was time for revenge for Kobe Bryant, as he took out the Boston Celtics in 6 games to secure his 5th NBA Championship ring. 

How many rings does Kobe Bryant have without Shaq?

Kobe won 2 ago to back championships with Pau Gasol as his second star on the team ago in 2009 and also 2010.

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How many rings did Kobe win through Shaq?

Kobe completed a 3-peat with Shaq between 2000-2002. He has acquired a complete of 3 rings through him. 

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How many rings does Kobe have vs Michael Jordan and Lebron James?

Kobe won a total of 5 championships, while MJ won 6 throughout their careers. LeBron James has won 4 rings so much in his career.