A trapezoid, likewise recognized as a trapezium, is a level closed shape having 4 right sides, with one pair of parallel sides.

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The parallel sides of a trapezium are well-known as the bases, and its non-parallel sides are dubbed legs. A trapezium have the right to additionally have actually parallel legs. The parallel sides deserve to be horizontal, vertical or slanting.

The perpendicular distance in between the parallel sides is referred to as the altitude.






Types of trapezoid

Trapezoid is of three kinds namely

1. Right trapezoid:It has actually a pair of right angles.


2.Isosceles trapezoid:It has equal length of non-parallel sides. In the image, sides, ADVERTISEMENT and also BC are equal.


3.Scalene trapezoid:It neither has actually equal angles nor has actually equal sides.


Properties of a trapezoid

Real life Examples

A few out of many trapezoid examples are the confront of a popcorn box, handbag, and also bridges.


Fun Facts

Trapezoid was well-known as τραπέζιον ‘trapézion’ in Ancient Greek which literally suggests “a little table” and also likewise describes “ircontinuous quadrilateral”. Also, ‘oid’ in Ancient Greek indicates “resembling”.

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The word trapezium was presented in the English language in1570. Marinus Proclus was the initially perchild to usage the word trapezoid in the first book of Euclid’s Elements.