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The brand-new Fortnite update will be exit today and Epic gamings has evidenced that servers will certainly be shut down so that maintenance can be done.

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The next large patch because that Season 7 is dubbed Update 17.50 and also the breakthrough team has actually been teasing a few things that can be included.

According to epos Games, the next content update is coming from outer space, which might hint in ~ the return that a friendly face.

It is rumored the Kevin the Cube will return in ~ the end of Fortnite Season 7, and also the Cube’s comeback will be tied to the Fortnite thing 3 storyline.

For a long time, Fortnite fans will remember that the Cube was an important part of Fortnite thing 1, prominently featured in periods 5 and 6.

Kevin lingered because that a long time and became an integral part of the game’s story, however was at some point removed explosively.

And there’s a opportunity Kevin could be a part of the next Fortnite live event, which might be revealed as beforehand as September 3.

Other rumors imply we’ll be acquiring a new weapon before the end of Fortnite Season 7, and also now would be a great time to make its debut, offering Epic a possibility to fix any kind of balancing issues before the new season kicks off.

WHEN go FORTNITE DOWNTIME start FOR upgrade 17.21?

Fortnite server downtime scheduled for now will start on Tuesday, august 31, 2021 in ~ 9:00 a.m. BST.

For gamers in the united States, this way same-day maintain from 4:00 am EDT.

No one should wait for the servers come come ago as all platforms will be digital at the exact same time.

It must be detailed that gamers are booted native matches thirty minutes prior to everything turn off down.

A post from the Fortnite team reads: “17:50 will be out of space on respectable 31! In ready for the update, downtime will begin at around 04:00 to be ET (08:00 UTC). Matchmaking will be disabled about 30 minutes before.”

And while Epic games hasn’t mentioned the exact time once servers will certainly be back online, they’ve shown how long it might take.

It is estimated that maintenance might take increase to 4 hours, meaning everything should be earlier online by 1:00 afternoon BST.

More news, including official spot notes, is intended to it is in shared throughout today’s Fortnite maintenance.

And then gamers will gain a big update later this mainly as part of the Fortnite Crew subscription service.

A report native Epic gamings confirms: “So unstoppable that Midas made him his enforcer, The Burning wolf is erupt in the September 2021 Crew Pack. This Crew load will walk live for energetic Fortnite Crew subscribers from around 8pm ET on august 31.

“When will others native The first Shadows disclose themselves? The next two will make their cool entrance in the October and November Crew Packs. Together a bonus in November, subscribed players that have built up all three The first Shadows will obtain a bonus format for each.

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“What rather is in the September Crew Pack? A knight of origin, The Burning wolf is experienced in knife strikes. Through the burn Fangs ago Bling, store swords handy and then unsheath them together the burn Fangs Pickaxe with double swing.’

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