Many that you may be experiencing large piles that white fluffy ingredient all approximately your home and in your lawns. Don"t worry, that is summer and also no, friend haven"t shed your mind. It"s the moment ofyear the the mighty cottonwood (now you know where they gained that name) diffusion it"s seeds through the wind. Below are 5 facts you might or might not know around this yearly occurrence.

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Fast growing Tree the Doesn"t Live lengthy - Cottonwoods room the fastest cultivation native-trees in phibìc America, and can reach 150 feet in height. (All Allergy, 1998) surprisingly, this trees have a fairly short life cycle, living just 50 years at the most, therefore they are commonly fast growers. Often farming near rivers or water, the cottonwood loves big amounts of moisture.All That noodle Comes after pollination end - Yes, believe it or not, all the fluffy noodle blowing all over is a authorize that pollination for the cottonwood is over. A an extremely mild allergen, cottonwoods effect sufferers before the dispersing of all the fluffy cotton.Cotton Lasts only Two Weeks and also Blows as much as 5 mile - That"s part serious regular flier miles! However, us only have to put up v the huge amounts of noodle for just two weeks a year. This is good because the massive quantities of cottonwood seed travels in the air, piling up in lawns, landscapes, gutters, and other areas.Doesn"t Usually cause Hay heat - if all that cotton might make girlfriend feel like your around to sneeze, you have less than a 7% chance of that effecting her allergies, according to studies. (Kadocsa 1993 ref.3251 5) so while it may be gathering everywhere your lawn and also landscape, the cottonwood pollen doesn"t usually cause allergy symptoms.

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Can survive Most woodland Fires - The cottonwood has an extremely thick bark, do it an extremely tolerant to heat, drought, and also even woodland fires. (Ohio DNR, 2013) because that this reason, the cottonwood thrives in the an altering weather patterns of the midwest.

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Shaun Kanaryhas been a component of the environment-friendly Industry because that the past15 years. As the director of Marketing for Weed agree Lawn Care, a Cleveland and Columbus Lawn Care business Provider, Shaun is aregular contributor come the Weed pro Blog, and other industry magazine and blogs.Shaun top top Google+ Shaun on LinkedIn Shaun on Twitter

Shaun Kanary

Shaun has actually been a part of the environment-friendly Industry because that the past 15 years. Together the manager of Marketing because that Weed Pro, a Cleveland and also Columbus Fertilizing Company, Shaun is a constant contributor to the Weed agree Blog, and other market magazines and blogs.