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View a map v driving directionsusing your wanted map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You have the right to use to gain the fulldriving street from Seattle to Vancouver with directions.

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Driving distance from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, Canada

The complete driving street from Seattle, WA come Vancouver, Canada is 140 miles or 225 kilometers.

Your trip begins in Seattle, Washington. It ends in Vancouver, Canada.

If you space planning a roadway trip,you might additionally want to calculation the total control time native Seattle, WA come Vancouver, Canadaso you have the right to see when you"ll come at her destination.

You can additionally calculate the cost that driving indigenous Seattle, WA come Vancouver, Canada based on currentlocal fuel prices and an calculation of your car"s best gas mileage.

If you"re conference a friend, you might be interested in detect the city that is halfway between Seattle, WA and also Vancouver, Canada.

Planning to paris a plane instead?You could be an ext interested in calculating the straight linedistance come fly indigenous Seattle, WA to Vancouver, Canada.

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It might be well worth her time to take it the 21-mile Chuckanut drive Scenic Byway once you take her road expedition from Seattle to Vancouver. That is a dramatic cliff side course that hugs the base of Chuckanut mountain just north the Seattle. The byway starts at the south at departure 231 turn off I-5 come State Highway 11 (Chuckanut Drive.)The road weaves through evergreen forests along the rocky coast of Chuckanut Bay. Along the way you will see oyster beds, tidal flats of the Samish lowlands and also on come the historical Fairhaven ar of Bellingham. Sunsets, diverted beaches and migratory bird are several of the other attractions top top this route. The towns along the byway space Allen, Sunset, Edison, Bow, Samish and also Bellingham. The picturesque city that Bellingham is the last significant city prior to the Washington coastline meets the Canadian border. Bellingham is surrounded by Puget Sound, mountain Juan Islands, snow-capped mountain Baker and the north Cascade Mountains. It is 90 miles north that Seattle and also 21 miles southern of the Canadian border and 52 miles southern of Vancouver.