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Nonstop drive time

How much is the distance in between Oklahoma City and Winslow? The straight drive native Oklahoma City, United claims to Winslow, United states is 805 miles or 1296 km, and should have actually a drive time that 11 hours in typical traffic.

Of course, this is simply the non-stop drive time. You more than likely need to prevent for gas, bathrooms, and also meals, for this reason the drive time v stops is a little bit longer.

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Oklahoma City to Winslow drive time with breaks

Driving native Oklahoma City to Winslow takes around 11 hrs if you perform it nonstop, however depending on her stamina, whether you're switching off v someone else or law the pilgrimage solo, or even if it is you'd choose to stop to take in the scenery, it'll nearly definitely take longer.

Most guides recommend avoiding for 30 minutes because that every 4 hrs of driving, and also driving up to 8 hours a day. For a usual driver who's not preventing to view too many sights, we expect a road expedition to native Oklahoma City come Winslow to take 2 days. During those 2 days, you'll drive for 11 hours in total and take 1 hour because that breaks.

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When acquisition breaks, you might too check out some of the sights too! take a look at the ideal stops ~ above a Oklahoma City to Winslow drive for some inspiration.