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reference no: EM13296044

A 0.400-kg block is attached come a horizontal spring that is at its equilibrium length, and whose force continuous is 23.0 N/m. The block rests ~ above a friction less surface. A 5.10×10?2-kg wad that putty is thrown horizontally at the block, hitting it v a speed of 2.50 m/s and also sticking.

Part A How far does the putty-block device compress the spring?

(In cm)

How much does the mug relocate relative to horizontal table

A magician traction a tablecloth indigenous under a 200 g mug situated 30.0 centimeter from the edge of the cloth. The towel exerts a friction pressure of 0.100 N top top the mug, and also the cloth is pu

What is the speed of the water in the pipe

Water flows at0.850 m/s indigenous a hot water heater, with a 450-kPa push regulator. The press in the pipe supplying an upstairs tub 3.70 m above the heater is 414

estimate the power output of the engine

A rotating uniform cylindrical platform of massive 250kg and also radius 5.9m slows down from 4.0rev/s to remainder in 17 s as soon as the driving engine is disconnected. Estimate the power out

one astronaut at remainder on earth has a heartbeat price

an astronaut at remainder on earth has a heartbeat rate of 70 beats/min. When the astronaut is travel in a spaceship in ~ 0.87c, what will this rate be as measured by the followin

What is the current through the cold desk lamp

The present through a lamp connected across 120 V is 0.48 A. The resistance as soon as the lamp is on is 250 ohm when the desk lamp is cold, What is the present through the cold desk lamp

uncover the identical resistance of the resistor network

Three identical resistors v resistances of 6.0W are connected to a batter v an emf of 18.0V and zero interior resistance. Uncover the indistinguishable resistance the the resistor

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What elevation does he go back to on the slide

A child slides down from the top of a 3m high frictionless slide. Once he get the bottom that the slide, he travels end a 2m lengthy carpet v a 0.20 coefficient that kinetic

Find suggest on the axis whereby we could place a 3rd charged

two charged particles on the x axis space separated by a distance d. Acquire a suggest on the axis where we can place a 3rd charged particle thus that the net electrical fo