Fairy Tail: 10 points That do No Sense around Elfman Strauss Elfman Strauss from Fairy story is one personality who renders zero sense. Here"s why.

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Elfman is a true man"s man of Fairy Tail, the manliest that the guild. He"s among the numerous side characters in the guild the you wish got a little an ext screen time together his personality was so unique in the series, and also his connection with Evergreen felt really wholesome, never ever being shoved appropriate in her face.

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His strength were also cool if a little too similar to his sister, Mirajane. That was constantly like a short intelligence barbaric from a video game of Dungeons & Dragons. Unfortunately, there were more than a couple of things about him the didn"t do a entirety lot the sense.

when you consider how arrogant Evergreen was when they battled throughout the battle of Fairy Tail arc and also the truth that Freed almost killed the in the very same arc, it"s tough to understand how Elfman forgave them. The redemption of every one of them next from possibly Laxus felt choose a hand wave. Sure, the collection is all about bonds and friendship, but it must take much more than saying sorry to comprise for nearly killing a guild member. He even ends up cultivation close come Evergreen together the series went on.

during the S-class promo trials, both Elfman and also Evergreen ended up paired up versus Mirajane. If looks would say otherwise, Mira is just one of the more powerful members in the guild and someone that should have actually handled both that them. Instead, they control to punch her the end after saying that they were engaged. It"s a feeling moment and does display a bit of strategy, yet it"s type of disappointing a character like Mira was beaten in together a way.

The reason behind his must be a true guy is well-founded and makes finish sense. The blames self for what taken place to Lisanna, deciding he"d constantly protect those close to him, no longer being the shy little kid any kind of longer.

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The trouble is the takes it as well far, acting as if all women require his protection just because he"s a man and also they aren"t. It forces him to straddle an virtually chauvinistic line the doesn"t really make sense, offered his character.

7 Recklessness

exterior of possibly Natsu, no personality rushes in as blindly or dumbly as Elfman does. He runs in and also doesn"t also worry around asking concerns later, only about punching his foe in the face. The dumb oaf archetype isn"t a negative one, and it fits provided how his personality looks, however it goes versus his must protect. How deserve to you expect to keep world safe if your also busy simply flinging yourself around like a giant meat shield?

numerous Fairy Tail members have an insane amount of durability, always managing to get up from assaults that lock shouldn"t. Elfman is no exemption as he"s more often than no a punching bag that an extremely ever in reality wins fights. Also in one of the war he won, he simply outlasted his foe. His fight with Bacchus was pretty one-sided, the drunken S-class mage prove to be on one more level native Elfman till he offered Beast Soul: Lizardman, letting him come to be so fortified that Bacchus wore self out.

5 Crushing Seilah

It was a fitting finishing to the fight as Elfman necessary to acquire some kind of revenge top top Seilah because that what she did come him in ~ the start of the arc. It was nice to view Mira utilizing her head to defeat the demon as well.

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It was just strange the one punch, even one crashing down from the ceiling, was enough to finish the fight. Considering how an effective Seilah was, the feels like a little an ext should have been needed to take she out. Tho was quite satisfying come see, providing Elfman the redemption that needed.

The guilt he felt over destroying the guild was heavy, and something Fairy Tail didn"t often check out as it"s always been a lighter anime. Unfortunately, he obtained over the pretty quickly, crying tears of joy by the begin of the Alvarez Arc and also quickly reverting to just how he was. It"s an issue the collection as a entirety has had, hand waving poor actions and moving previous them there is no letting them have any lasting effects. At the very least the quickness the guild had actually accepting him made sense as he wasn"t in his right mind in ~ the time.

3 Beast Soul: Belcusas

The amount of beast souls the Elfman has actually in his arsenal appears endless, letting that turn right into at least five different animals. That was all fine till he turned into Belcusas, a greatly armored and also physically powerful creature that Rustyrose wished into existence during their fight in the Grimoire love conflict. Unequal the other souls, this wasn"t an animal of any kind of kind, in fact, it wasn"t also real, just a production of Rusty"s imagination. Very sewing this to be an anime-only transformation.

physically speaking, Elfman is bigger and stronger 보다 Mira could ever hope to be, therefore in theory, his completed beast soul should be stronger. The issue with the is the Mira has far an ext practice and skill with Take over magic than Elfman would ever before hope to. It take it him much more than a couple of arcs come even finish the form while Mira was currently honing her Satan Souls. Needless to say, it"s a small jarring to check out him capable of one-shotting an foe that Mira struggled with.

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1 His Physique post Training

He"s always been a larger dude, relying on his physical strength above anything else. His watch pre-training perfectly proved that, unfortunately, he come out spring absolutely cartoony post-training. His anatomy looked choose something out of One Piece, i m sorry in that setup works, but felt the end of location in Fairy Tail. His top body mass in comparison through his reduced body make it challenging to believe he can even an ext around without toppling over, prefer a bodybuilder who never ever did leg day.

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