The character of Helen Burns in woman Eyre: while Helen Burns had actually no significant role in the novel, jane Eyre, she is an important one together she helps Jane evolve during her time at the Lowood School. Helen died of consumption in Jane’s arms. The character of Helen is passive through a dignity around her.

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Her character serves as a foil for Jane as well as Mr. Brocklehurst. Helen’s character was based upon Charlotte Brontë’s sisters Maria, who passed away at a an extremely young age. Helen’s character is a level character i beg your pardon is tantamount to a martyr.

Foil for Mr. Brocklehurst

In the situation of Mr. Brocklehurst, he to represent a kind of faith which aims at remove the pride and pleasure of a person in order come be completely religious. He uses religion come wield his power.

However, Helen’s personality represents a type of Christian that stresses that tolerance and acceptance is the key to religion. Helen ignores Mr. Brocklehurst’s antics and also turns away when he is being unpleasant as she walk not choose to face him.

Foil for Jane

Like Jane, heeled is also an orphan in ~ Lowood School. She trusts that there will be a joy in she life and she is an optimist. Mrs feels that she requirements to discover happiness at the very moment who leads to she being disappointed countless times. Helen is passive and submissive while woman is headstrong and also stubborn.


The distinctions in their characters carry out just how their very own self-has evolved. Helen forgives human being easily while jane holds grudges. The latter is not afraid to show her anger while Helen is always calm.

The character of Helen Burns in woman Eyre

For example, when Jane was referred to as to the prior of a punishment after breaking she slate, she was an extremely angry. However, we have the right to see that previously, Helen simply took unjust punishments and also did no utter a single word against Miss Scatcherd singling her out for beatings.

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Friendship between Helen and Jane 

Helen tries to assist Jane get rid of her misery. She always patiently listens to Jane talking about Mrs. Reed’s actions and tries to aid her check out reason and make the instance better, yet in vain. She is the ethical compass for the two and also is a major influence on mrs in her later life when she faces Mr. Rochester.