Phaedra and Kandi hoped to put the previous behind them yesterday night on The real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 episode 7.

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A brand-new deluge of rumors emerged, however, and made castle question whatever ... Or at the very least whether a detente would certainly really be possible.

Porsha Williams made decision the best method to obtain Todd to satisfy her family members was to wine and dine him, so that"s precisely what she go to obtain somewhere through the relationship. 


However, the dinner did no go all the well once it became clear that Todd to be pretty nervous about the totality thing.

In fact, he stayed quiet transparent the totality dinner. 

Porsha"s sister seemed somewhat concerned, however she had good reasons for it.

She want to make certain his intentions were good because he already had a family members with kids. 


Todd make it clean to Porsha"s sister that he is really interested in Porsha and desires to make it occupational with her.

Porsha looked so happy to view her guy speak up for her. Can this pair actually control to stay a thing? 

We"ll should stay tuned to find out. 

If you watch The actual Housewives the Atlanta online, you probably currently know that things have been tense in between Kenya Moore and also Matt Jordan. 


They simply can"t it seems to be ~ to remain out of trouble, but that did not median Kenya was around to give up on Matt.

Instead, she reeled she father in to acquire his two cents ~ above what she should do to conserve the relationship. 

"I feel choose he"s together a great person, however that entirety other side as soon as he it s okay mad and he starts throwing ingredient — other has obtained to give," she sighed.

Regardless the Kenya"s love because that Matt, her father was no impressed in the little at Matt"s actions and was worried about her safety.

Seeing the damaged glass panels ~ above the garage door certainly made her father think the worst. 


When Kenya collection up a meeting between her dad and also Matt, Matt maintained texting the he would certainly not be attending, however eventually decided it was best. 

Matt took concern with Kenya for making use of him to deal with things around the house, yet Kenya was quick to expose that she just cared about him solving the things that that broke. 

As Matt got ready to operation off, Kenya"s dad told that to acquire it with each other if he assumed the relationship can actually work.

Matt took this top top board and also disappeared. 


Elsewhere, Phaedra and also Kandi went to dinner, but it to be no civil dinner. Phaedra was annoyed about the comment Mama Joyce made around her, therefore she took she frustrations out on Kandi. 

For what it"s worth, Kandi defended her mother. The comment her mom made to be grim, but Kandi to be not around to admit that. 

Kandi then acquired personal, saying that Phaedra was already seeing people before Apollo saw jail.

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After happen NeNe Leakes into the argument, Kandi got up come leave because she was encouraged Phaedra was talk trash. 

What did you think of every the drama?

Sound turn off below!

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