Blakeway worldwide western Kentucky Hilltoppers football Panorama - Houchens markets L. T. Smith stadion
Product Style: compelled Unframed - 40" X 13.5" Standard structure - 40 1/4" X 13 3/4" choose Frame - 42" X 15 1/2" Deluxe framework - 44" X 18"

Text on published Panorama:

Western Kentucky university - Houchens Industries-L.T. Smith Stadium

This panorama catches the western Kentucky Hilltoppers, together they hold the Vanderbilt Commodores in an amazing afternoon the football at Houchens Industries-L.T. Blacksmith Stadium. WKU, situated in Bowling Green, Kentucky, sits on optimal of a hill v a commanding see of southerly Kentucky, therefore the nickname Hilltoppers. The University"s bolder red color and distinctive nickname gave rise come WKU"s mascot, big Red, that has come to be one the the most famous mascots in collegiate sports. Likewise unique come the Hilltoppers is the "Red Towel" tradition, i m sorry has become synonymous through WKU"s impressive athletic heritage and also adds come the game day revelry.

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Show her team heart with a Blakeway game-day print. Our modern cameras capture amazing high definition photos from carefully researched vantage points within the stadiums and also arenas that space so clear and life-like, you"ll feel like you were there. This officially licensed, made in the USA, large panoramic prints proclaim your allegiance to her team while creating a focal point in the home, office or pan cave. They also make the perfect gift because that the sporting activities fan in your life.

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WKU Hilltoppers Gigapixel pan Photo

Were you at this game? Visit our 360° pan photo and see if girlfriend can discover yourself!

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The Print

Our panoramic prints start as a high definition photo that is published on heavy art stock record to withstand waviness and also warping as result of heat and humidity and then topped v a UV resistant coating to minimization fading. The prints are available as an unframed poster or professionally framed in 3 various frame styles. Our summary posters measure up 40" wide x 13.5" tall, i m sorry is frequently not a stocked frame size, so you might want to take into consideration purchasing that framed from us to avoid the time and also expense of custom framing.

Professionally Framed

Framing not just extends the life of her print, it showcases her fandom for every to see. If you compare our prices through those of a custom structure shop, you"ll uncover we are an extremely competitive and also often times lower as us buy our structure materials in bulk and also pass the savings on come you. When framing we think about that the product will need to endure the rigors the shipping and use just high high quality moulding and also tempered glass (like a automobile window) i beg your pardon doesn’t scrape or have huge jagged edges once broken.

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Frame Details

Standard frame - 40 1/4" large x 13 3/4" tall: The framework moulding is a rounded glossy black color 3/8" aluminum. Ready-to-hang through attached snapshot wire. Select framework - 42" wide x 15 1/2" tall: The print has actually a mat in the team"s primary shade (if applicable). The structure moulding is a 1 1/8" vast flat profile polystyrene. Ready-to-hang v two sawtooth hangers. Deluxe framework - 44" wide x 18" tall: The print has a border in the team"s secondary color (if applicable), and a bevel-cut mat in the team"s primary shade (if applicable). The structure moulding is a 1 1/8" wide contoured aluminum. Ready-to-hang with attached picture wire.

Officially Licensed

All sports space officially licensed, which means we"ve pass strict demands for quality and ethics.

we pay royalties that support scholarships and initiatives in ~ the universities and professional leagues. Us follow main team layout guides, which means our logos and also mat colors complement those mentioned by the team or university. The panorama will complement your jersey and also fan cavern decor. Our production has actually been audited and also certified to pass fair labor standards. All our products are printed and also framed in the USA.