In wide daylight acquire appropriate..Just been through it all male Blood sweat and tearsNiggaz is dead and also shit What the fuck else have the right to occur yo?I dont think a lot more boy, word to mom yoWe done seen it all, and been via it all yoLet y"all niggaz understand best now Word to mommy, for genuine, for realQueen Bee babyThat shit is the truthLil" Kim, B.I.G.I"m not lyin..Yo.. Blowin niggaz wit rusty ass Germale thingsKeepin it thorough is our motherfuckin case to fameThrow on your wetsuit, as soon as it rains, it pours and also allHit em via the fourDon"t also recognize him from a hole in the wallGet at me, niggaz wanna clap me, snitches wanna rat me?Placed it best wright here they ago beKeep my Dunns close to me, opponents also closerSendin kites through the Motorolas, yoGive "em the cold shoulder with a hollow-pointer to matchBad apple outta the batch, obsessed with gatsSince a small dude, eatin niggaz food, buck-fifty"s Niggaz deserve to kill me yet they comin wit meHow around that, send the Queen Bee to attackOnly a fly bitch like that deserve to leave em and laughRock em to sleep, make em think the drama is deadYo I smile up in your challenge though I"m plottin insteadUhh, uhhYo it"s the real shit, shit to make you feel shitThump em in the club shitHave you wildin out once you bump this (hip-hop )Drugs to your eardrum, the raw uncutHave a nigga OD cause it"s never enough"Hot damn hoe, below we go again"(Lyte as a Rock) bitch, tough as a cock bitchThis shit knock for blocks with hardtopsin the parkin lots, where my nigga Rock prefer to spark-a-lotMy Brook-lyn style soptimal for itselfLike a wrestler, one more notch under my beltThe embezzler, chrome treasurerThe U-N-O contender, I"m ten steps ahead of yaI"m a leader, y"all on some followin shit Comin in this game on some modelin shitBitches suck cock simply to acquire to the topI put a hundred percent, in eexceptionally line I dropIt"s the Q to the B, with the M-O, B-BQueensbridge Brooklyn and also we"re D-double-E-PWhat? Y"all wish I lived the life I liveAiyyo Prodigy, tell em what this is DunnUhh, uhhYo, I could never acquire enough of it, yo that"s my shitI require that shit, to increase my adrenaline Yo rock that shit, that genuine life shitMakes bitches wanna thug it, renders the tasks love it We come via choose, "Fuck it"Y"all want problems, persue it, let"s execute itInfamed Mobb bosses, inspect out the portrait at the round table, my Dunn speakin through his Twin ghostIt"s gangsta exactly how we rock, while you watchAttracted to our style, this is just how we obtain downwit big jewelry and also significant weapons We get busy, it gain grizzly, beat niggaz bloodyTwist niggaz frontin, gain to runnin "fore the mens acquire to dumpin, the fans acquire to thumpinM-O-B-B, acquired the totality spot jumpin When my niggaz action in the placeDamn, you gotta luv itIt"s the realHah, it"s the genuine baby, hip-hop hip-hop hip-hop..