Kingdom mind 3 has 59 ingredients in total, and we"ve acquired the place for every solitary one here


As girlfriend travel about the assorted Disney people featured in the video game you"ll no doubt have actually spotted various Kingdom understanding 3 ingredient lying roughly the place simply waiting to be collected. Native Apples and also Apricots to Watermelons and also Zucchinis, over there are total of 59 various ingredients you"ll require to discover for tiny chef in order to earn the Conucopia trophy or achievement. This deserve to be daunting as there room such a variety of ingredient to situate in Kingdom understanding 3, and a lot of them can only be obtained in details areas, so monitor our finish guide and you"ll be racking up those Kingdom mind 3 ingredient in no time.

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With so countless ingredients found in different locations, we"ve obtained the complete list that ingredients below alphabetically.

AppleApricotBananaBasilBay LeafBeefBlackberryBlack TrumpetBlack TruffleBlood OrangeButterCarrotCaviarCeleryChanterelleCheeseChocolateClovesCodCornichonCrabDillEelEggplantFilet MignonGarlicGooseberryGrapesHoneyKing Oyster MushroomLemonLobsterMelonMiller MushroomMorelMusselOlive OilOnionOrangeParsleyPearPorciniPortobelloPumpkinQuailRaspberryRiceRosemarySaffronScallopSea BassSoleSour CherryStrawberryThymeTomatoVealWatermelonZucchini

Kingdom mind 3 ingredients - Olympus

Olympus has six various ingredients that you deserve to find. Apples and Apricots are uncovered on trees together you operation up the Cliff Ascent, while King Oyster mushrooms and Porcini are in the Thebes Gardens. Pears can be discovered at mount Olympus, if you should visit the Cherry Flan in ~ the peak of Thebes Overlook for a Sour Cherry or two.

Twilight Town provides a bunch of various ingredients in both the fruit bowls and also Chinese food crate dotted around. The former can save Apples, Apricots and Lemons, while the takeaway boxes deserve to have Butter, Cheese, Chocolate, Caviar, Sole and Veal. Out at the abandoned Mansion is whereby you can additionally find herbs prefer Thyme and Cloves.

Kingdom mind 3 ingredients - Toy Box

Right exterior of Andy"s home is his prior garden which has actually a bunch of various herbs in. You"ll discover Basil, Bay Leaf, Cloves, Parsley, Rosemary and also Thyme here. Head on end to Galaxy toys where you"ll discover a number of Chinese food boxes again with Butter, Caviar, Cheese, Cornichons, Garlic and Onions. Up in the remainder Area the Galaxy toys is the Strawberry Flan - simply finish the mini game to knife a Strawberry.

In the Kingdom the Corona Forest, you"ll uncover a many wild ingredients choose Black Trumpets, black Truffles, Chanterelles, Morels and more. Check the water locations of the Marsh too for some Eels. Head over to the Thoroughfare and hop in the water through the waterfront come grab some Cod, Sea base and Mussels. Leaving Thoroughfare via the bridge and take a best down come the Shore, wherein you can uncover Scallops on the beach and Lobster in the water. Go back up come the key street in the Thoroughfare and also all the carts and market stalls can provide plenty that fruits and vegetables like Tomato, Zucchini, Pumpkin and Garlic. Transparent the remainder of the Forest, mean to discover herbs choose Basil and also Rosemary. Head right back to the really start of the human being to discover the Blood Orange Flan that will administer you v - yep, girlfriend guessed the - Blood Oranges.

Kingdom mind 3 ingredients - Monstropolis

Monstropolis is a linear world so you"ll get most that what you"re after ~ on your an initial run through, however if you"re after any kind of more, the three key ingredients you"ll discover in the Chinese takeaway boxes space Beef, Olive Oil, and Onion. You can also find the Banana Flan with the left-most brown door in the Door Vault to earn part tasty Bananas.

Kingdom hearts 3 ingredient - Arendelle

The frozen mountainscape of Arendelle isn"t particularly lush because that foraging, yet there"s a couple of things you can find like Apples and Carrots inside crates and barrels. There"s a few Gooseberry and Raspberry bushes about too, along with Portobello mushrooms.You can uncover the Grape Flan off the next of the North mountain Ridge for some delicious Grapes.

As expected, The Caribbean has a number of ocean based wildlife you have the right to obtain. Crabs and Lobster can be uncovered everywhere throughout the archipelago on the High Seas, and also you can also find Dill, Miller mushroom and Porcini on the shores. Quail, Apricots and various other food can additionally be uncovered on the Port imperial waterfront, within crates and also market stalls. Head end to the top of the ft in Port imperial for the Watermelon Flan, i beg your pardon is the only place you can obtain the delicious fruit.

Kingdom understanding 3 ingredients - san Fransokyo

San Fransokyo and the human being of big Hero 6 isn"t home to numerous ingredients, many of which girlfriend can likewise find elsewhere. The big one is Melon though obtainable from the Honeydew Flan which just spawns at night time on height of a building in the central area of the city. You"ll likewise find Beef, Quail and Eel transparent the bustling town.

Kingdom hearts 3 ingredient - 100 Acre Wood

You"ll still have actually a the majority of ingredients left to discover and also for most of those, you"ll desire to head come the floor of Winnie the Pooh. There space three different match-three mini gamings that every follow the same rules, however offer various rewards. One is great for vegetables, another for fruit, and also the final one specifically gives out Honey. If you"re struggling for any type of fruit or vegetables, play a few games in 100 Acre Wood and you need to be sorted. Common rewards here encompass Blackberry, Zucchini, Carrots, Oranges and Eggplants.

Kingdom understanding 3 ingredients - Moogle Shop

Throughout her playthrough the Kingdom mind 3, a variety of ingredients will show up in the Moogle Shop which room exclusive. This method you can"t find them all over else. In ours experience, these ingredients are Celery, Rice, and Saffron. If you"re struggling come find any type of of these, check your nearest Moogle Shop and you should be able to buy them.

Kingdom understanding 3 ingredient - Filet Mignon

You"ve more than likely noticed the the one ingredient we haven"t spanned is Filet Mignon, and that"s because it"s obtained in a distinct fashion. The only method to obtain Filet Mignon in Kingdom mind 3 is to go to the small Bistro and earn Excellent grades while cooking meals. You won"t obtain it every time, yet sometimes you"ll be rewarded v one Filet Mignon on top of the meal you cooked.

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All of this ingredients are provided at the bistro in Twilight Town. If friend earn an excellent score top top every single meal, you"ll knife the master Chef trophy/achievement, so acquire cooking!

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