The number of testicles attached to the human body of one Adolf Hitler, a matter of the utmost historic importance, has actually been debated for decades. It additionally spurred mockery amongst Allied soldiers in ~ the elevation of Hitler’s supreme power of Nazi Germany during civilization War II. 

A schoolyard British song written in 1939 was title “Hitler has Only One Ball.” The taunting song was sung to the melody of the “Colonel Bogey March,” a brother marching track made famous in 1914 during human being War I.

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“Hitler has got only one ball,” the text go because that one sports of the song. “Göring has actually two but really small. Himmler is quite sim’lar.  But bad old Goebbels has no balls at all.”

The song occurred into a wartime national anthem and an ingenious propaganda melody sung by brother troops intended come impugn the reputation of Nazi leaders. The anthem eventually discovered its way into the 1957 film The leg on the flow Kwai, which was about Allied detainees of war who were forced by their Japanese captors to build the Burma-Thailand railroad. Although the testicular text weren’t consisted of in the film, brothers audiences figured out with the humor.

Some chroniclers suspect that wartime propaganda and urban legend spurred Hitler’s reputation as a uniballer. However, based on medical documents dating ago to prior to World war II, one German researcher cases to have uncovered incontrovertible proof the Hitler truly had actually only one testicle.

On Nov. 12, 1923, the future Nazi führer was arrested ~ his an initial attempt come seize strength in the Munich Beer room Putsch. ~ above Hitler’s incarceration in ~ Landsberg Prison, Dr. Josef Steiner Brin carried out a thorough medical examination.

“The records of that examination plainly show the Hitler had actually an undescended testicle ~ above the appropriate side,” stated professor Peter Fleischmann the Erlangen-Nuremberg University. The clinical diagnosis from Brin to be “right-side cryptorchidism.”

The medical records the surfaced from an auction in 2010 have actually contradicted long-running speculation the Hitler lost one testicle during the fight of the Somme in people War I.

Moreover, as soon as Soviet pathologists check Hitler’s immolated corpse after ~ the Red Army’s occupation of Berlin in 1945, they listed that the deceased Nazi leader possessed only one descended testicle — however, lock pointed come the left side. “The left testicle might not be uncovered either in the scrotum or ~ above the spermatic cord within the inguinal canal, or in the small pelvis,” Soviet journalist Lev Bezymenski created in 1968, explicate the Soviet autopsy that Hitler’s remains.

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Despite the compelling evidence, this concern will likely proceed to fuel controversy for years to come.