This week and last main the Gambit augmented weapon native Ada-1 requiers you to kill 2 high worth targets. I played around 10 Gambit matches last week, but only recall The Drifter saying "high worth target eliminated!" once.... Prior to I had the feeling high worth targets fall left and right in Gambit. Critical week ns couldn't kill one and also this week we have the precise same challenge... :(

So to be I missing something? room there means to trigger high value targets in Gambit or is it 100% random?

Any help is welcome! :)


No, they are random. And don't confused the hvt through the glow ones i m sorry spawn occasionally to aid catch friend up

Big mood. Invested 7 hours in gambit last week tryna hunt part hvt. NOPE to let go every solitary one of me that come up. As soon as I require them, ns never have them.

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There's no means that I know to force one yet I'm reasonably sure that they have actually a higher spawn rate on round 3 (from my suffer at least). They will always spawn on one of two people the left or ideal zones on the map so as soon as you hear the callout inspect the area v the least adversaries in it right now (this appears to impact spawn location for the HVT) and also equip whichever weapon you have that will melt the fastest (trench barrel, heavy, telesto) or a super since 13 motes is fixed a rubbish of a super. All this and also you should always be maybe to take down any kind of HVTs that generate before any type of other team members (sounds harsh however it's the fastest method to acquire these bounties done).

I agree. Round 2 (not 3) is as soon as i check out them most. Particularly with catch ups. Ring 3 will have more Shimmering adversaries to speed up the round, however they don't count together HVT.

Trying to obtain Dredgen here. I have killed 7 Scorn high value targets and numerous others, but I have actually never gained a collapse high worth target, ever. What the heck, Bungo.

As much as I'm conscious they space apart that the "catch up" mechanic. I think I experienced in an old TWAB the they have actually a greater chance to spawn if your trailing behind in a round and/or shed the an initial round.

Listen for "high worth target ~ above the field", usually on the opposite side of the where the normal adversaries are.

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