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Peter Paul Rubens


Louvre Museum


Rue de RivoliParis, France

More about The Presentation the Marie de' Medici's Portrait to Henry IV

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Oil paint, Canvas
H: 394 x W: 295 centimeter
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Catalog Number
INV 1772
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Before selfies and also Snapchat, royal portraits traveled miles to with potential suitors and also this photo depicts Henry IV acquisition a emergence at his future wife, Marie de’ Medici.

This painting portrays their marriage as one the was destined because that happiness however that was far from the truth. Henri IV’s mistresses were no necessarily a mystery in the French court and he had even promised to marry one before he married Marie. This do Marie’s life in the French court nice awkward and dramatic. The picture of a blissful marital relationship blessed through the gods was in reality propaganda commissioned later in history by Marie when she hosted considerably more power in the French court.

The marriage between Marie and also Henry IV was valuable for France in a couple of ways. The 50-year-old heirless king required a kid for the throne and Marie to be the ripe age of 27 at the time. Marie’s Catholic ties would appease the Catholic nation of France, which wasn’t entirely pleased v their formerly Protestant King. Debt, that course, would certainly be the 3rd reason and also the factor Henry IV to be cool with the marriage despite having promised his lover otherwise. The French fan the Medicis rather a lot because that backing their army ventures and also Marie came v a hefty dowry. Marie’s marital relationship wasn’t the happiest, however it only lasted about ten years. Henry to be assassinated by a Catholic fanatic in Paris and also since their boy Charles XIII was also young, Marie ended up being Queen Regent.

Marie de’ Medici ran the country like a boss for 7 years. She to be a major patron the the arts; one of her most successful endeavors was the Luxembourg Palace and garden that broadened the urban landscape that Paris come the left bank of the Seine. Prior to she constructed the Luxembourg Palace, the city had actually not quite expanded to the left bank that stop Montparnasse and also the Latin 4 minutes 1 today. Although many believed the imperial throne suitable Marie well, some were not pleased, including her child Charles XIII. Exhausted of the town hall his mother rule on his behalf and also influenced by various other courtiers, Charles XIII traction a Tommen Baratheon and also exiled his mommy in 1617.

Marie make a threat even during exile when she supported a team planning to overthrow her son. Considering she position outside the resources was currently a threat, she was enabled to return to the resources in 1620 under part conditions. The course immediately upon she return she i was delegated the Marie de’ Medici collection to glorify and also commemorate her time together Queen Regent that France. This unprecedented collection included twenty 4 life-size portraits dedicated to a woman ruler.

This bring us back to the painting in question. This particular painting depicts the presentation that Marie’s portrait to Henry IV with all of its fallacies and heavy-handed symbolism. Rubens was not subtle here. The idea of marital relationship is reiterated v Hymen, the god of marital relationship holding the portrait and also Jupiter and Juno watching the presentation from the heavens. Cupid, additionally holding the portrait, alludes come the false idea that Henry IV remained in love upon seeing she portrait, while the was probably still in love through his mistress. The personification the France in blue reflects the French approval that the marriage. And finally, the least helpful cherubs to ever before be painted are playing v Henry’s battle gear to represent Henry’s pivot away from fight to commit come marriage. This painting, along with the twenty-three others, was created as propaganda to repeat Charles XIII and the French court that Marie’s power.

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She plainly was not ready to provide up her position, i beg your pardon is why she to be exiled again in 1631, this time permanently.