Who is Hencha Voigt? / Hencha Voigt Biography and Wiki

Hencha Voigt is a Haitian-American fitness model and also reality TV star. The 31-year-old rose to fame once she appeared on US present WAGS Miami. Born in 1987, she right now lives with Aurier in his mansion in Hertfordshire.

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Hencha Voigt Age and Weight

Hencha Voigt to be born on November 11, 1987, in brand-new York, United says of America. She celebrates her birthday on November 11th every year. Voigt will certainly be 33 years old ~ above Nov. 11th, 2020.

Hencha Voigt Height and also Weight

Voigt is a male of typical stature. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. She additionally weighs 59kgs,

Hencha Voigt Family, Parents, and also Siblings

Voigt to be born come Charles-Henry Voigt. Details about her mommy is quiet under review. Hencha grew up in Port-au-Prince together her brother Marioviau. Not much is known around Voigt’s childhood. She started taking ballet lessons indigenous the tender age of 3.

Hencha Voigt Image

Hencha Voigt Married, Husband, and Children

The dating profile because that Hencha Voigt is rather fascinating. Loosely seen, we can an extremely well imagine that she likes to date sport stars and athletes. Hencha Voigt perform the leader of both the NBA and the MLB thoroughly. She has dated numerous team leader such as Miami Merlins, Miami Heat and also the Boston Celtics. She to be romantically linked to glenn Davis during 2013, after ~ the pair had actually been spotted in ~ the Orlando club being cosy.

Her long exes list consists of names such as Colin Kaepernick, Zab Judah, Julius Peppers and many more. Hencha Voigt’s present-day romantic relationship has not been announced. The Miami WAGS super star is claimed to be at current single. Her relationship and also love life was depicted thoroughly ~ above the show. Over there is no record stating the she has ever before been married or had any type of children.

Currently, the star the Miami is in a relationship with Serge Aurier. That is a footballer that plays together a right earlier for Premier organization club Tottenham Hotspur. Despite the could have not revealed about their marriage relationship, they welcome baby son together. She usually short articles pictures of a baby and also her father on her Instagram account.

Currently, the star that Miami is in a relationship with Serge Aurier. The is a footballer that plays together a right ago for Premier league club Tottenham Hotspur. Despite the might have no revealed about their marital relationship relationship, lock welcome baby child together. She usually posts pictures of a baby and her dad on her Instagram account.

Hencha Voigt Education

Voigt attended Dr. Michael M. Krop an elderly High school for she high schooling. She graduated from Saint-Johns University. Together a teenager, Hencha was associated in plenty of sports and also was a multi-talented athlete with excellence in boxing.

Hencha Voigt Career

The job of Hencha Voigt started with modeling days whereby she operated as a model for Coogi. She was uncovered by the proprietor of FUBU because that this gig. She additionally graced ‘Dress come Kill’ and also ‘Great mine Silhouette’ spokes design roles.

Voigt’s resume likewise highlights her suffer as a runway version for various popular designers and the world’s ideal fashion gurus. This list has items such as Miami Swim main (Ms. Lila Nikole) and also the apparel line because that Jim Jones 8.

Hencha Voigt has likewise been featured on countless prominent advertisements and fitness ads. KFC commercial for the UK market, Malibu Rum campaign ads, Ciroc Girls, Venezuelan Blackberry commercial, Mory Activities, Belaire Girls and also several various other health and also promotional ads jobs are just a couple of of those advertisements.

Also, Hencha Voigt is a star the the renowned Miami WAGS series, and she is quite successful in the fact show. She is likewise a fitness freak and also a really popular model, as well as her power on the truth television series. Hencha Voigt is additionally a professional an individual trainer who is very hard at maintaining in shape and also inspiring other men. She provides her social media pages to write-up pictures the her difficult work and also flaunts the bicycle to gain others associated in start healthy living.

Voigt is a licensed nutritionist, as well. Her Instagram page has several exceptional photos of her taken with all she fitness routines as well as modeling assignments. Just looking at her Instagram account would tell girlfriend her degree of physics fitness honesty and also her number is an basic guesswork to realize she is a model. Hencha Voigt’s Instagram accounts likewise contain numerous videos about technical workouts and health.

As us know, from a really young age, Hencha Voigt was very trained in ballet, and also as a ballet dancer, she also participated together a guest star in one episode of the respect HBOs Ballers.

As an actress, she has operated for numerous music videos together a range of industry finest singers. She was likewise a component of the film, Girlfriends Basketball. Hencha Voigt’s work-related as an gibbs has also contributed come the net worth she currently stands on.

Some the the music videos in i beg your pardon she worked were Young Berg feat Jim Jones and Rich Boy- Sexy Lady RemixChris Brown feat. T-Pain- Kiss Kiss, Dj Khaled feat Jeezy, Ludacris, huge Boi, Weezy, Birdman, Busta, rick Ross, Ghostface- we celebrate, choose Candy – Candy, Freeway feat. Luxland- residence Alone, Meek Mill – residence Party, stack Ross – Magnificent, French Montana – Diddy- Paranoia and also many more.

Hencha Voigt’s society media presence has actually increased she popularity. For plenty of women, she’s end up being the goals of body and health. She has actually over 288,000 Instagram followers. She fans space keen on acquiring updates ~ above her and are really engaged throughout multiple society media channels.

Hencha Voigt was affiliated in a conflict in 2016 which involved a Snapchat’s popular star called Julienna Goddard (YesJulz) who allegedly blamed Voigt for having actually tried wringing she with constant threat of relax nude images of the previous over internet. Voigt was arrested through the police versus the charges and also with her Wesley H. Victor was additionally arrested because that being compliance in the mischief. Voigt admitted to the fees at the moment of her arrest, an determined phone i beg your pardon was used for the objective of this extortion. Hencha Voigt, however, stated that the allegations were certainly false and also took it to twitter to say that the truth will be out sometime soon.

Hencha Voigt measurements and Facts

Here are some exciting facts friend don’t want to miss around Hencha Voigt

Full Name: Hencha VoigtAge/ just how Old?: 32 year (2019)Date that Birth: November 11th, 1987Place of Birth: New York (grew increase in Port-au-Prince, Haiti)Education‎: Saint-Johns UniversityBirthday: November 11thNationality: American
Father’s Name: Mother’s Name: Not KnownSiblings: MarioviauMarried?: not knownChildren/ Kids: 1Height/ just how tall?: 1.72 mWeight: 59 kgProfession: Dancer, Fitness icon, model, actorNet worth: $1.5 millionSalary: (for relevant persons)

Hencha Voigt net Worth

Voigt is a well known American reality star, model, actor and dancer who is well-known for she dedication to physical fitness and wellness. She is additionally famous for she appearance ~ above the Miami WAG show. Her net worth has actually been evaluate to be somewhere around $1.5 million.

Hencha Voigt Controversy

Voigt was arrested and charged v extortion in 2016 after allegedly leaking nude picture of Snapchat star Julieanna Goddard. The police arrested her in addition to her crime partner Wesley H Victor. As soon as she was detained, she admitted come the crime and also found the phone used for extortion in she possession. Later she recalled and tweeted the the truth is gone.

Frequently request Questions about Hencha Voigt

Who is Hencha Voigt?

Voigt is famous as a fitness professional and also a model. She’s renowned for being an E! Network fact TV personality for WAGS Miami show. Moreover, she is likewise known as a guest star in an illustration of HBO’s hit series, Ballers.

How old is Hencha Voigt?

Voigt is one American nationwide born ~ above November 11th, 1987, in brand-new York.

How tall is Hencha Voigt?

Voigt stands at a elevation of 1.72m.

Is Hencha Voigt married?

Currently, the star of Miami is in a partnership with Serge Aurier. He is a footballer who plays as a right back for Premier league club Tottenham Hotspur. Though the might have no revealed about their marital relationship relationship, lock welcome baby kid together. She usually short articles pictures of a baby and also her dad on her Instagram account.

How lot is Hencha Voigt worth?

Hencha Voigt has actually an approximate network worth that $1.5 million. This amount has been accrued from her leading duties in the entertainment industry.

Where go Hencha live?

Because of defense reasons, Voigt has not common her an accurate location the residence. Us will automatically update this information if we obtain the location and images of she house.

Is Voigt dead or alive?

Hencha is alive and in great health. There have been no reports of she being noble or having any kind of health-related issues.

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