Hello? Hell... o?Hello? Hell... o? (Moshi Moshinee) is a freeware horror game by tachi made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

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...Hello?...Akari?(Content Severity: Average)Click below for content warnings.
Download Hello? Hell... o? | (Mirror)(Chrome may falsely flag the downpack as malicious, however it"s safe to neglect.)Installation of the RPG Maker VX Ace
Runtime Package (not VX) is forced to play.Downfill VX Ace Runtime Package (RTP)Supported PlatformsThe game"s engine is made for Windows only, via no aboriginal support for other platdevelops.To play on Mac, you can attempt a general-function tool favor WineBottler.TroubleshootingMake certain to extract the game to its very own folder rather of running straight from the ZIP file.If you don"t do so, any kind of saves made will be lost the following time you run the game.If you extracted the ZIP however conserve information is still being erased, attempt running the game as an administrator.Without admin privileges, the game might not have actually permission to develop save documents."RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is not installed" suggests you require the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP.This is distinct from the VX RTP which various other games might call for. The downpack attach is up over.If dialogue appears to be utilizing the wrong font (which may reason cutoff text), download and install MS PGothic.Screenshot
EndingsA list of how to watch every finishing. Contains spoilers.

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End 1 ... Hello? Hell... o?Keep checking the phone as soon as it rings at the beginning.End 2 ... Can"t Stand also This RoomLeave the room.End 3 ... Fleeing the PhoneLeave the room while the phone is ringing.End 4 ... Just Let It Be MorningGo to bed.End 5 ... Feigning IgnoranceGo to bed while the phone is ringing.End 6 ... Last Month"s NewsWatch TV once it comes on.End 7 ... No ReplyAnswer the phone a 2nd time.End 8 ... Not Feeling WellEat the food.End 9 ... Unwatched ForceAnswer the phone a 3rd time.End 10 ... Sweetheart"s DiaryRead the diary as soon as it opens up.End 11 ... Face In the MirrorCheck the mirror after it moves while the phone is ringing.End 12 ... MirrorCheck the mirror after it moves.End 13 ... Asking For ForgivenessRead the diary again.End 14 ... Read It AlreadyTake as well long to review Akari"s last letter.End 15 ... NoticeRead the last letter.End 16 ... What"s On TV?Watch TV while the phone is ringing.End 17 ... QuarrelCheck the TV when it transforms red.End 18 ... Approaching FootstepsPut out the candle.End 19 ... PainfulPut out the candle while the phone is ringing.End 20 ... It HurtPlaced out the candle later on once it transforms blue.End 21 ... HerCheck the TV when it transforms red and the phone is ringing.End 22 ... It"s Really PainfulPlaced out the candle in the future when it turns blue while the phone is ringing.End 23 ... HangoverDrink the alcohol.End 24 ... Sneak AttackCheck the bear while it"s in the corner, then revolve your back on it.End 25 ... Hello? Akari? Answer the phone when.End 26 ... Unending Answer the phone a 2nd time.End 27 ... Come On, Read It Take as well lengthy to review Kazuki"s last letter.End 28 ... Anvarious other Lover When Kazuki shows up, check the firelocation.End 29 ... Him Check the TV as soon as it transforms red and also the phone is ringing.End 30 ... Hell Yeah!Open the curtains; there"s a one-in-6 opportunity you"ll watch something different.Bad End ... Poor CommunicatorScold Akari.Bad End ... Why Must You Run?Choose to "check the room" and also leave/obtain captured.Bad End ... Wrong NumberChoose to "examine the room" and also examine the phone. (Prevents Unringing Phone, resulting in progression for Akari.)Happy End ... We"re TogetherHug Akari.Bad End ... Unringing Phone Get recorded by Kazuki once the phone doesn"t ring, prompting him to display.Bad End ... Why Must You Refuse? When Kazuki shows up, leave or gain recorded.True End ... Mirrored Lovers Choose to "inspect the room" and also - after having actually acquired Anvarious other Lover - examine the firearea.