Test 2Material Type: Exam;Professor: Cole;Class: Music Appreciation;Subject: Music;University: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and also State University;Term: loss 2000;

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Wer CorrectedTest #2 (A)1. When two or an ext independent melodic lines ara combined, the resulting texture is called:a polyphonic.(b) monophonic.(¢) homophonic.(d) nobody of the above.Music evaluation September 22, 20002. The classic period:(a) complied with antiquity and also preceded the Middie Ages.(b) complied with the Renaissance and also preceded the Baroque.~=e) complied with the Baroque and preceded the Romantic era.(d) complied with the Romantic era and also preceded the twenty century.{e)3. A musical setting of the Mass for the Dead is called:(a) one oratorio.(b) an opera,->{c) a requiem.(d) a cantata.4. Antonio Stradivari to be the biggest master builder of:(a) pianos.~(b) violins.() harpsichords.(qd) flutes.5. The hatchet “timbre” refers to:a) the length of a tone,b) the key of a tone.=x(¢) the color of a tone.(d) the fall of a tree.6. Haydn appreciated phenomenal music success through two trips to which country?(a) France(b) England=(¢) Italy(d) united States7. The controlled movement the music over time is called:(a) harmony.>=(b) rhythm.(c) texture.(d) timbre.8. What is the kind of the 2nd movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5?(a) theme and variations(b sonata(c) A-B-A(d) rondo9. According to your text, the musical element that provides the widest and most diract very nice one is:(a) rhythm.-=(b) melody.(c) timbre.(d) texture. 10. The rate of rate at which a item of music is played is its:a meter.=7Tb) tempo.(c) movement.(d) mood.41. The level of loudness or sofiness in ~ which music is played is called:(a) texture.(b) tempo.(c) timbre.==(d) dynamics.12. A typical feature the a concerto is a totally free solo passage there is no orchestral accompaniment called:=a the introduction.(b) the codetta.(c) the cadenza.(d) the development.13. I m sorry American president to be a leading figure during the classical period?a) Abraham Lincoln~— (b) thomas Jefferson(c) Andrew Jackson(d) James Polk14, Music because that a tiny ensemble of 2 to about ten players v one player come a part is called:(a) program music.==(b) chamber music.(c) opera buffa.(d pure music.15. Which job-related by Beethoven is dubbed the Choral Symphony?(a) the First(b) the Fifth{c) the Seventh=~ (d) the Ninth16. How numerous movements room in Beathoven’s Pathétique Sonata?(a) two=(b) three(c) four(qd) five17. How plenty of movements go Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 have?(a) one{b) three=» (c) four(d) five18, Eine kleine Nachtmusik:(a) is German because that *A small Night Music."{b) is an instance of program music.c) is a symphony for complete orchestra.d) all of these. 37. Hildegard the Bingen is well-known as:(a) a patroness that the troubadours.(b a legendary woman Minnesinger,—~(¢) a nun and church composer.(d) the mommy of Richard the Lion-Hearted.38. Beethoven suffered possibly the many traumatic of ail maladies for a musician. What was it?(a) He ended up being blind.-#.(b) He came to be deaf.(c) He ended up being diabetic.(d) Ha ended up being paralyzed.39, Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik is an instance of:(a)

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symphony.fy a serenade.a a sonata.(d) a concerto.40. In the classic orchestra, which group of instruments served together the ensembie's nucleus?(a) woodwinds.—(b) strings(c) brass(d) percussion41. Who was Haydn's major patron?(a) Emperor Frederick the Great(b) Emperor Joseph H(c) Prince Esterhazy(d) counting Razumovsky42. The three key sections of sonata-allagro form are the exposition, development, and:(a) bridge.b) recapitulation.=-(c) coda,d) trio.(> The team of early on Baroque writers, artists, and musicians who aim was to resurrect the music drama of“ ancient Greece was known as:(a the Italian madrigalists.»»(b) the Florentine Camerata.(c) the Freemasons.(d the Notre Dame school.Cary The an initial composer to show dynamics and particular instrumentation in music was:By vomteverdi(By Palestrina.(c) Gabrieli.d) Josquin.45. Which to be Beethoven's own instrument, because that which that wrote countless concertos and sonatas?~—»(a the piano(b the violin(c) the cello(d) the clarinet 46. A structure featuring a singie, unaccompanied line is called:={a) monophonic,b) homophonic.c) polyphonic.(d contrapuntal.47, Bach's Brandenburg Concertos are consisted of of __ different concertos.(a) four—~ (b) five(ce) six(d) seven48, A vocal work without critical accompaniment is claimed to it is in performed:(a) a cappella.(b) responsariaily.(c) antiphonally.(d) improvisationaily.49, i m sorry of the following is not a member that the brass family?(a) trumpet(b) French horn(c) English horn(d) tuba50. The approximate days for the Renaissance era are:(a) 1150-1450.(b) 1450-1600.(¢) 1600-1750.= (d) 1725-1775.51. Among the earliast women composers of importance was:(a) Clara Schumann.(b) Theda Bara.“2(e) Hildegard that Bingen.(d) Fanny Mendelssohn.52. The different sections that a huge musical work are called:(a songs.(b) symphonies,-