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Tonight top top CBS Hawaii Five-0 air v an all-new Friday, February 1, 2019, episode and also we have your Hawaii Five-0 recap below. ~ above tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 season 9 illustration 14 “Depressed through the warmth of Kealwalua” as per the CBS synopsis, “While investigate Flippa’s friend’s murder, McGarrett and also Grover i found it a deadly plan by an extremist group on the Island. Also, Grover has an emotionally reaction to the case.”

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Flippa’s girlfriend was murdered when the two of them to be on the phone. His girlfriend Luka Palakiko was supposed to accomplish him because that their collection because they were playing a small venue, yet Luka had actually been to run late and also so Flippa called him. Luka had told Flippa no to panic since he remained in the parking lot and also was unload his drums. This to be the last thing Luka ever said come Flippa due to the fact that the next thing the heard to be a thud and also the sound that the phone call falling. He thought that Luka had dropped it as soon as he was unloading and so he didn’t realize anything was wrong till he went out to the parking lot to see what was acquisition Luka therefore long.

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Luka had been murdered. His killer take it his wallet and also his van, yet something about the crime step didn’t seem best to Flippa. Flippa said that Luka would never ever have dealt with in a mugging. Luka loved life also much and he would have actually happily handed over his valuables. That didn’t should be killed and so Flippa suspected that robbery no a motive. He told McGarrett what the thought once the police came and McGarrett made decision to believe him. He knew that Flippa wouldn’t have lied about something so important and also so he had the team investigate Luka’s fatality as the occasion while the steal items to be to cover up what happened.

The fact that Luka was stabbed ripe times also confirmed their theory. His killer was angry as soon as he killed Luka and also the only proof they had actually was a piece of lengthy blonde hair discovered on the victim. Luka, it appears working as a family therapist once he wasn’t play gigs and he’s been sending out money to a teenager. This teenager was identified as Annie Kehr and the team had actually thought Annie remained in an inappropriate relationship with the Luka. Castle went in search of Annie and also she wasn’t with her family, yet she was uncovered at the airport. Annie to be taken ago to Five-0 office and they encountered her and also her lawyer, Jill Yamada.

The lawyer hadn’t to be hired by the family, yet it seems she had actually been rental by Luka who wanted her to look after Annie. Annie and also Luka weren’t in a relationship. Luka to be gay and so was Annie. Her family wanted come send her to conversion therapy in Iowa and also so Luka to be helping her get away. He payment for she legal fees and also was working with Yamada to acquire Annie emancipated. She had additionally been in ~ the airport because she was flying to a sanctuary house in Maui. Annie dreaded going earlier to she parents and also unfortunately, her emancipation wasn’t going together planned. No one thought she need to be be separate from she parents since most of the adult think she parents were only doing what was finest for her.

Luka knew differently. He to be a counselor because that LGBTQ Youth and he relocated to protect Annie, however her parents were still her current guardians and so Five-0 tried to keep them separated as they investigated Luka’s murder. Everyone thought he was murdered by parents prefer the Kehrs or the Kehrs themselves. They didn’t suspect anything else till they learned that his auto had been found and also that it was traced back to someone that just gained out the prison. The male that eliminated Luka to be Connor Russell and also the team didn’t understand if he had actually been rental to execute the project or if that really had been a crime that opportunity.

They saw Russell’s home and the man, and the van, to be gone. The did have computers though and so Jerry got to for one when it exploded. Luckily, Jerry was fine yet the team had the bomb squad find the remainder of Russell’s home and it transforms out Russell has actually been playing with explosives. He had bombed his computer system ensuring no one could go there is no him and there had likewise been a residue that a much bigger bomb. Russell to be planning a mass casualty event and the team finished up believing that he stole the van together a method to bring out his plans without it leading ago to him.

The team essential to understand where Russell would certainly target and so they talked to his cellmate in prison. The team remembered i get it Barton and also he psychic them, but the i get it they met said he’s changed. He asserted to have uncovered God in prison and he said that that was just one that Russell spoke to. Russell had actually been as well shy for prison and also so he continued to be in his cell most of the time. Russell had told Barton that he had actually been bullied at high school and also that make Barton believe that Russell to be harmless. Just the team told the what lock found and also that they believe Russell to it is in a bomber in the making.

Barton claimed that didn’t sound favor Russell and he said possibly Russell’s proficient a psychological breakdown. Russell’s father to be allegedly a paranoid schizophrenic and so Barton said perhaps the family’s demons manifested, however that had been a misdirect. The team later uncovered a video clip on Russell’s computer system that indicated he to be cleansing the civilization of minorities and also that the was component of the Alt-right. He had left a video to be yielded in the after-effects of the bombing and he had actually used rather a few big words because that someone the dropped the end of high school. It no seem choose Russell was working on and so castle searched the speech pattern. And also it led ago to Barton.

Barton had hidden the truth that that was component of the Alt-right because he knew he i will not ~ be for sure in a jail in Hawaii, however he had actually used his close connection to Russell to transform the young man and so Russell was going v with the battle in order come prove himself to his mentor. The team went earlier Barton and while he wasn’t going to offer him answers – they did uncover his burner in his cell. Barton and also Russell had been component of something much bigger. They had actually planned on bombing five cities and the first was to plan for Hawaii. And they talked about it on a blog post board v others.

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Russell had planned on battle a community center full of children and he had changed vans. Nobody knew i m sorry direction he to be coming from yet that sat on the center and also then moved on Russell before he could reach the detonator. It had actually been a nearby call and it had carried up some ugly storage in Lou’s past, however they stopped the bombing and they gained justice because that Luka. Luka had actually been killed for his van and the fact he was a minority. It was simply wrong ar wrong time and so the team perfect what they started. They acquired Annie Kehr away from her parents and she was going to be safe now.