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An old video of Harrison Ford reacting to among David Blaine’s card tricks has resurfaced ~ above TikTok.

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In the clip native 2013’s “David Blaine: real Or Magic?”, Ford and also Blaine are at the actor’s residence where the magician asks him come “think the a card” native the deck.

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After telling Ford his card is no much longer in the deck, he asks the “Indiana Jones” star to pick a item of fruit he deserve to slice open.

Voila! within an orange is Ford’s preferred card.

But the funniest thing around the video is the actor’s reaction. Despite Ford remains calm throughout the whole illusion, when his map is pulled the end of the center of one orange, Ford calmly tells Blaine to “get the f*** outta mine house.”

messingwithrealityget the f*ck the end of my house.. #magician #magic #davidblaine #xyzbca #foryoupage #harrisonford♬ original sound – messingwithreality

Ford’s reaction come the exploration has the actor trending top top Twitter.

Please enjoy Harrison Ford city hall a magic cheat & then reacting in the only method Harrison Ford reaction to anything pic.twitter.com/oAoUlDT3GY

— Clarisse Loughrey (
clarisselou) April 28, 2021

I wouldn’t treatment if had never excellent a solitary film till this point, okay forever love him for this clip.

— Kevin Fitzpatrick (
wookieeballs) April 28, 2021

In fairness, I’d say the same thing.

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— Lou cutting board (
London_Lou) April 28, 2021

Watch the full video clip of the minute below:

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