Sunni (right) and her husband Wendell Allen (left), the owners and also operators of cave Em High horse Camp, space excited around the opportunity to showcase riding trails in Kentucky come a nationwide audience (photo it is registered by Sunni Allen).

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hang Em High steed Camp in Laurel County will be the topic of "Best that America through Horseback" this weekend, with the bulk of the events occurring on Saturday.

Hang Em High steed Camp, owned and operated by Sunni Allen and also her husband Wendell, will certainly offer people the opportunity to ride v Daniel Boone National woodland while being filmed for the television show. "Best that America by Horseback" is aired on the Cowboy Channel, which has actually been around since 1979 and also reaches 25 million dwellings in the U.S. By cable and satellite.

“Wendell and I space excited and honored come be favored by "Best that America by Horseback" as a premium location for horseback riding and also camping,” Sunni said. “This is a great opportunity for Hang Em High equine Camp and also our ar to get nationwide recognition.”

The occasion goes native June 21 to 23 and enables horseback riders to participate in seminars, clinics, demos, a meet and greet, campfires, banquet dinner and live music, follow to its on facebook page.

Camping fees are $40 and also the show fees space $95. While this is greater than what the camp normally costs, the is a rare event and practically a when in a life time opportunity to be broadcasted riding steeds on national television.

Reservations are compelled to participate, so riders should speak to Sunni at 606-682-3370 to secure your spot.

Kelly Burton, the co-executive director for the Laurel County tourism Commission, said this is a an excellent opportunity to highlight not just London and also Laurel county on a bigger stage, but likewise the whole state because it is recognized as the equine and bluegrass state.

“It’s simply another method southeastern Kentucky is also good with horses and horse trail,” Burton said. “It’s not only about Keeneland and the Derby, but as whole as a state that we space a an excellent location for horse riding.”

According come "Best the America by Horseback’s" website, the itinerary for Friday evening will certainly be a welcome meet and greet, the honoring of life time Trail society members and also the conversation of the filmed trail ride and other activities, led by Tom Seay, pat Seay and the "Best the America by Horseback" staff.

Saturday morning will start “with a cool opening ceremony through a presentation that the flag, the nationwide Anthem sung and a blessing that the ride.” The filmed ride transparent Daniel Boone National woodland will start, followed by the seminars and also demos.

The evening will wrap up v a banquet dinner and the keynote speaker, Tom Seay, that is the hold of "Best the America through Horseback," and he will additionally be giving cost-free autographs. The night will conclude with live music.

Sunday morning will start with “cowboy church” and afterward the campers are complimentary to ride more on the trails.

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Hang Em High equine Camp deserve to be reached by taking departure 41 off Interstate 75, transforming Highway West 80 towards Somerset, driving three miles to then revolve left on 1535, control a mile and also a fifty percent to turn right onto High Moore Rd and also after one more mile and a fifty percent the camp will certainly be on the left.