On the show Empire, Hakeem Lyon is recognized for being the stylish swag-filled son. External of his exceptional music, Hakeem’s layout is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Indigenous his outfits to his varied hairstyles, Hakeem is just one of the much more memorable personalities when it comes to being stylish and hip. In fact, his hairstyles have actually been reproduced by dozens the stylists top top YouTube. From unique high optimal fades to designed buzz cuts, Hakeem’s style is amazing! here are few of our favorite Hakeem Lyon haircuts.

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Most Stylish Hakeem Lyon haircut from Empire

1. High-top fade. Hakeem is just one of the few celebrities the has lugged the hide-top fade ago to life. You probably remember this haircut from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air days and since then it wasn’t seen very often. But, once Empire hit the tiny screen, Hakeem to be rocking the high-top fade. Recently this layout is nice popular, especially among the younger generation.

2. Natural waves. Some guys would death for waves that look this flawless! This hairstyle is really different native Hakeem’s renowned high-top fade but he’s able to pull turn off this look as well. The natural waves with much shorter hair provides him a more grown up look however his baby challenge tones the look under just sufficient to store it looking youthful.

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3. High-top fade v design. Hakeem not only rocked the high-top fade but he took things a step further and added in a one-of-a-kind design that sends out this hairstyle come the following level. The clean lines on the side of this layout keep the looking new while still providing a nod to an old-time cut.

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4. An additional awesome design. We think this look is amazing! have actually you ever before seen a design that incorporates sharp lines and curves at the very same time? that is one thing to traction of the high-top fade however it’s a fully different level when you’re able to screen such an complex design. We desire to recognize who his barber is, ASAP!

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Which that these carry out you think space the many stylish Hakeem Lyon haircuts? share in the comments!

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