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Touchstone climbing is observing all state and local regulations roughly mask requirements. For more information top top gym protocols, you re welcome visit our COVID update page.

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Climbing Camps

Our fun and exciting camps run throughout the year and are a an excellent way to get introduced to climbing. This regime is for youngsters who have actually no climbing suffer or are looking to return to climbing. Youngsters get a possibility to accomplish for multiple sessions v our exceptional instructors to construct climbing skills, make friends, and also have a blast!


Kids will find out the fundamentals of climbing, including: belaying, node craft, basic climbing technique, bouldering and much more. In addition, children will shot out many other tasks such as rappelling, ascending a rope, slacklining, and also other gym details resources. Ours experienced and also supportive staff emphasize an individual responsibility and also encourage each camper come strive because that and accomplish goals daily.

After college Camps

After school camps are when per week for 8 weeks and also take location weekdays and run September v May. Use the link below to watch the next easily accessible session.


Summer camps are 3 hours per day Monday – Friday and also run June v August. Use the link below to see the next available session.


Climbing Clubs


This is a regimen for mountain climbing who are excited about improving their climbing an abilities through structured practice but who may not it is in interested in competitions. This is the following step for children who have actually participated in a climb Camp.

The main focus of this society is to help climbers build a love because that the sport while addressing the basics of rise technique, introducing group dynamics, and also helping them come to be well-rounded climbers. This program provides a great opportunity come train with various other young mountain climbing in a relaxed, social atmosphere while preparing them for a more rigorous cultivate experience need to they breakthrough to Team Touchstone.

Climbers indigenous this regime may eventually be invited to sign up with Team Touchstone as soon as they have actually demonstrated the requisite technological proficiency and also level that commitment.

Climbing club members must have participated in a rise Camp conference or have experience v belaying / some endure climbing.


ScheduleInitiation FeeMonthly DuesAge

Kids ClubMondays at 4:00-6:00pm$50$1508 – 11
Youth ClubTuesdays in ~ 4:00-6:00pm$50$15012 – 18
We likewise offer a 2 session every week alternative with the 2nd session following on the weekend for secondary cost (coming soon).

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If you interested in coming to be a Climbing club member, please fill the end this form.