THIS IS one ANIME ONLY conversation POST. Execute NOT comment on THE MANGA past THIS EPISODE.----------------------------------------Well this episode was more a fan organization episode and also with a story around \"what if\" also if it was funny, i was waiting to offer us an ext information about the story.Well, if we want to proceed the story us will should start play the game. The story an animation was oki however I really want to watch more

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Wow, they conserved the beach episode at this late. I mean the display really want to take some time to relax at long last. Obviously, this episode had actually the many fan organization compared to the others. Personally, ns think it's a weird place to place this illustration considering the season is ending.Katalina seems to feel somewhat shy about her swimsuit.This episode felt much more like an OVA tbh also with part bits of action...

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Don't be surprised if there's a sequel to this. BD sales were really very good. Add to Cygames has actually tons the cash
Haha. To civilization who complain around no Djeeta in this anime:Your long awaited Djeeta appearance is here.
*angel emoji*
Gran turned right into a girl, and a cute one at that.Or much better said us rolled female during this episode and also she appears a bit an ext capable come Gran when it come the gathering crewmen.This episode just made me wonder why we could not enjoy Djeeta for the entire anime, Gran wasn't bad but i definitely prefer Djeeta.It was likewise nice as well see countless of the other characters during this episode we missed them throughout the many of the anime after ~ all.Also Katalina to be hot during this episode it was yes, really nice to see her prefer that.
They replaced the key character with Djeeta for some fan service...The whole present is destroyed in the last episode...Extremely disappointed
Wow, Djeeta got method luckier through her rolls, huh? unless Gran's conserving up to perform them every in one go. Five man, this illustration was all kinds of good though. Djeeta's a plain badass, we got swimsuit fanservice, over there was additionally lotsa cute moments favor the scene with Lyria eating which btw was god cursed adorable.And... Gran gained cucked in the ED LOL With exactly how well that sold and also with it just being Cygames, I'm hoping for an additional season in the near future.

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Swim suit Fest as our finale, ns approve. XDI open minded love exactly how they decided to usage Djeeta instead of Gran due to the fact that it was going to it is in a fan business episode, fine played! XDI in reality really chosen Djeeta from just this one episode, she seems actual sweet. :PLot of characters that cameo'd in previous episode room in the crew this episode, important a fan business episode in every regard. Well who can say no to an ext swimsuits? :3Overall, a pretty funny show. I assumed we had actually 14 episodes yet looks favor I was mistaken. I haven't played the video game so i guess a the majority of the fan company and brand-new character cameo's sorta passed end my ahead yet despite everything the show was rather entertaining. I really love every the varied locations the the crew travel too, us really didn't go too in depth right into the story yet that's understandable considering they most likely can't put in a complete fledged game plot into a 1 cour show. Personalities were quite charming, too poor we didn't gain introduced to every the characters, a many them recorded my eye but apart from our main group most of castle only acquired a small cameo. I don't know if I'll ever play the game yet I sure will watch an S2 if there is one.7/10