Where is the story in this game? i’m up to an obstacle 2 (mission bright of prestige) and also so far I have actually no clue what or wherein the story is. All I’m doing in this video game is simply doing a mission, some characters talk before it, some guy dubbed Eric dies, and kill Aragami. Is over there story later on on? ns not rather sure. Please help!


I freshly picked it back up after ~ stagnating because that a few months top top Resurrection, and have yet to complete the story myself. I am currently on location 6 as it is, about to struggle the magnificent Kongou and an accompanying monster relevant to the story. So hey, as soon as you get there, if ns haven't passed location 6, we can play together if you are on steam lol.

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But yeah, the story tends to be a slow buildup in my experience, v a an excellent amount of grind in in between so as to not make it feel favor you to be pointed in the direction the the story, and also fired out of a cannon, headfirst right into it. Instead it is an ext so a leisurely stroll the you take at your very own pace and also just enjoy, lot like a tourism or trail.

Its kinda typical jrpg, starts slow-moving with character breakthrough as the stakes raise slowly. This isn't your very first jrpg is it?

No, not by far. Been playing JRPG’s every my life (am 14 now) and so I recognize the JRPG stuff and everything. But I just came turn off of Persona 5 and the last of us remastered ago to back, so my story expectation were way too high because that this game. I’m about 10 (give or take) hrs into the game and also it’s beginning up now

At the very least GE1 had actually a many less evident evil mastermind unlike GE2 i beg your pardon you can literally view 2 minutes into the game, screaming I am suspicious at your screen.

GE1 (or to say GER) has actually a an extremely slow start. Honestly yes, really irritating in a method until Alisha shows up in the base and finishes her whole arc. Though the 2nd and third arc inside GER are very an excellent imo.

Scenes come up frequently to development the story, like every few missions or so. That starts to pick up the pace a bit beginning rank 3, however only starts gathering vapor once the second arc starts. The first and 2nd game room really bad about filler missions, missions marked as story goals that perform nothing however move the NPCs about the basic and readjust their lines. The 3rd game is for this reason much much better about it, with virtually every story mission giving something the substance.

Yeah it is a supervisor accurate summary of the very first and 2nd games story, ns personally havent played the 3rd but currently im super hyped because that it because of this description

Cutscenes and interactions after story objectives is exactly how the story is delivered. You've barely started the game, it will certainly unfold an ext later.

And this is a searching game, fighting Aragami is the core of it.

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