Details around the Soundtrack the ‘Goblin’

Goblin is at this time the ideal known and most-watched South oriental drama. The South oriental drama aired for the an initial time in December 2016, and until now, Goblin has actually reached a an extremely high rating. Not only in south Korea, however the drama also received a lot of attention from audience in numerous other countries. There space so numerous things that make the drama Goblin interesting. Beginning from the storyline, the height actors and also actresses illustrating the various complicated characters in the drama, and also of course, the soundtrack the perfectly supports almost every necessary scene in the drama.

Like other oriental dramas, the soundtrack for the Goblin drama was released periodically until the drama ended. There space at least 15 songs in the soundtrack that have been released and sung by plenty of famous and well-known singers. The drama’s original soundtrack was additionally rated high on various charts in southern Korea. Among the titles of the original soundtrack, the track “I will Go to You Like first Snow” by Ailee even won several awards from significant award shows.

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In this article, will administer you with the list of song from the soundtrack of Goblin: ex-SISTAR So-you’s “I miss out on You,” EXO’s Chan-yeol and also PUNCH’s “Stay through Me,” and also more. So, stay tuned!

EXO’s Chan-yeol feat beat – stay With Me


EXO’s Chan-yeol and solo artist beat lent your voices for the original soundtrack component 1 of the 2016 struggle drama Guardian: The Lonely and an excellent God (Goblin). The song’s location is “Stay v Me,” and also it walk viral amongst the public quickly after the release. The official music video clip of the song was released on December 3rd, 2016; that hit one million see in just 24 hours. Follow to Billboard and YouTube, the music video clip was the third most-watched about the people for December 2016, and also fifth most-watched music video for the an initial half of 2017. “Stay with Me” ended up being the most-watched oriental OST music video clip of all-time. By early on December 2019, the video clip had approximately 189 million views and received 1.8 million likes top top YouTube.

“Stay v Me” to be composed and arranged by the South korean indie band Rocoberry, if the lyrics were written by Lee Seung Joo. Rocoberry is a music duo that consists of members Roco (vocalist, lyricist) and Conan (chorus, composer, lyricist). This tune tells about the feel of someone who really misses and is wait for her or his love. This can be recognized from the song’s lyrics, which go on: “Like fate, you loss to contact me, ns cannot escape, please organize me.” The sweet song lyrics attach by soft music do this song suitable for those of you who are perplexed or in love.

Since its main release, “Stay through Me” has topped both South oriental and worldwide music charts.

Weekly charts

Chart (2016)Peak


Malaysia (RIM)9
Philippines (Philippine warm 100)15
South Korea (Gaon)3
US world Digital song (Billboard)5

*“Stay through Me” was also nominated in ~ the 2017 Mnet oriental Music Awards (MAMA) in the group for finest OST, along with two various other songs native the drama Goblin, “I will Go come You choose The first Snow” by Ailee and “Beautiful” through CRUSH. And it turn out, Ailee was the winner with her song “I will Go come You choose The first Snow.”

10CM – only In my Eyes


The duo 10cm also participated in the initial soundtrack of the fight drama Goblin through the song “Only In my Eyes.” “Only In my Eyes” is a combination of Kwon Jung-yeol’s distinct voice color and Yoon Chul-jong’s heat acoustic guitar performance.

The song was officially exit on December 9th, 2016. Particularly, the tune was focused on the main personalities of the drama Kim Shin who is a Doggaebi or Goblin and Ji Eun-tak. The song was played right into the scene wherein Goblin and also Ji Eun-tak visited Canada.

Just choose the various other songs that the original soundtrack that the Goblin series, the track “My Eyes” carry out by 10 CM likewise left a profound influence on the listeners. This song of the soundtrack was released as component of the 2nd episode and was ranked at the peak of the Gaon and also Melon Charts. 10 centimeter itself is top top the rise, i m sorry counts for one more factor in making the track “My Eyes” really popular amongst the public.

Lasse Lindh – Hush

On December 10th, 2016, the drama series Goblin released its original soundtrack part 3 “Hush” by Lasse Lindh. Lasse Lind’s “Hush” is a song around the love stories of the main personalities Kim Shin and also Ji Eun-tak. The song likewise describes Kim Shin who started to establish his feelings for Ji Eun-tak. The song really feels therefore sweet. Lasse Lindh showcases a warm melody, sad lyrics, and feelings the loneliness. She voice plainly expresses the in its entirety feeling the the drama.

“Hush” was written by Nam Hye-seung, director of music of Goblin, and composer Kim Hee-jin that participated in OST functions such as SBS’ Incarnation of Jealousy, tvN’s Memory, and also MBC’s One more Happy Ending. Because its release and until currently “Hush” through Lasse Lindh is still the most streamed song on the Melon and Gaon charts.

Crush – Beautiful


Crush is among the best singers to song the drama’s original soundtrack. The singer known amongst the lover of the R&B music genre nearly always participates in the soundtracks of top dramas. And it is no wonder the Crush likewise has a large share in the OST the Goblin. His song title is “Beautiful.” The music video of “Beautiful” to be released top top December 16th, 2016. The track recorded excellent music scores by ranking first and height on various music charts.

Crush’s “Beautiful” is an impressive song with a hopeful and also sad sympathy put on a patience piano line. In addition, the lyrics of the tune tell around a great to come back with the beautiful storage of the lover who room separated. The music video clip of the song had a repertoire of lover interactions between Kim Shin and Ji Eun-tak. The beautiful moment that room woven together become even an ext beautiful with Crush’s gorgeous and also emotional voice. In particular, the song defines a sweet moment between Kim Shin (Doggaebi) and also Ji Eun-tak.

The song first played in the background of the scenes as soon as Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun) are in Canada. At the time, Kim Shin was sitting while analysis a book waiting because that Ji Eun-tak and also when she come Kim Shin looked in ~ Ji Eun-tak and also said that she to be his an initial love. This tune tells about someone who is in love and feels that life is beautiful by constantly being v a love one. The melodious voice that Crush renders this tune feel touching even to someone that does not recognize the meaning of the song.

Eddy Kim – You room So Beautiful


Eddie Kim lent his sweet voice because that the Goblin initial soundtrack part 5 “You space So Beautiful.” “You room So Beautiful” is a song that tells about a boyfriend who is aer in express his feelings and also wants to recognize the trivial things. The song was exit on December 23rd, 2016. The mix of Eddie Kim’s sweet voice and also the recording melody is really attractive, and also the sweet electric piano and also rhythmic acoustic etc performance more enhance the sweet of the song.

In particular, the tune was produced by the composer Kim Won and Chang-min that the team Homme who participated in the composition of “So So” by Baek Ah-yeon.

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The track is different from the various other songs of the drama which have actually a sad melody. The tune “You space So Beautiful” by Eddy Kim has actually catchy, at sight sweet music and lyrics. “You room So Beautiful” is a special song for the Grim Reaper as soon as he met Sunny.