Okay, Looking at a Glock 20 Gen 3 SF vs. Gen 4.I arrangement on placing a KKM Comp on it, Aimpoint ACRO, and also possibly a light.AKA Rowland distinct 10mm.My inquiry is:Will the Gen 4 be okay to mountain all that crap on?The factor that ns askThe Gen 3 has a single recoil spring, thus a bit more recoil. Gen 4 has actually a dual spring, offers less recoil. You need a little bit of recoil through all the crap on.I perform not want to obtain a Gen 4 and have to switch out springs. Thoughts?

Just to buy a 20SF. I have smaller hands and also it fits great, i beg your pardon is the whole reason for Glock supplying the SF in several models. Recoil is very mild in my opinion, and you always adjust out the spring. Would imply you try to compare the the 2 models and see i beg your pardon feels best.

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I mean….you’re to buy all the crap for her glock but won’t covering out for a recoil spring if the stock one doesn’t work? I’m having trouble understanding.

My G20 is a original G20, i bought it in the Tupperware box. So cant tell ya much.I have actually a G29 Gen3 and also a G40 Gen4. Frankly ns dont feeling or see much difference.CW
So, if you gain a Gen. 3, you"re plan to have the on slide milled? Wouldn"t it be cheaper come buy a pistol the comes milled from the factory? (Mind you, I"m really happy through my Gen. 3/20, but it doesn"t undertake a red dot. Ns did, however, have a Gen. 3/19 milled and fitted v a Trijicon RMR. I choose it a lot, however the procedure wasn"t cheap).PC
I own a gen 3, and now very own a Gen 4 G20. The adapter to do a Gen 4 take a gen 3 layout spring is favor $20. I thought the Gen 4 with no included grip panels was a contempt smaller, much more friendly grip than the gen 3, for this reason you"d gain a slight benefit in grip there. Why do you require extra recoil through all those accessories?
When you mill the slide out to her optic you can gain a rock solid fit the is reduced since you carry out not require a mounting bowl adapter.
It’s a wash however I would go Gen4. No disadvantage and also you can modify a backstrap in to a GripForce adapter format doodad come flatten the tight hump several of you want. My 19.5 because that reference.
The real concern is: what"s the purpose of her proposed set-up?If it"s just a range toy, or because that hunting, or a woods/hiking/camping gun, why not obtain the Gen4 G40 MOS-ready longslide?
Then you deserve to mount & hang every little thing cool operator do-dads you want on it. Get a center chest rig to carry it if you"re in ~ it.OTOH, if it"s for concealed EDC, I"d walk Gen4 G20. Glock"s Gen4 10mm models have the finest recoil system due to the fact that the original design.
or close to 1250fps thru mine Glock 40 with simply Trijicon stole sights and also an Inforce light attached on the rail.Recoil? ... Wut recoil?

Adding much more mass come the gun slow the recoil impulses. Part comped guns need lighter springs when all the load is included on.

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Glock 20/21 30/29 pistols space too large for mine hands. I currently own a 21SF and also have had actually a 21 and a 30SF in the past. My groups with these huge frame Glocks are prefer softball size at 21ft. I seriously recommend you shooting the total on record before adding any of that stuff to it. My Glock 19 and Glock 26 room 2 of my major CCW guns. I deserve to hit v that frame size. For a 10mm, ns went with a Springfield XDM it"s structure is smaller than the G20/21 and fits me better.