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Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn in march 31st 1984, K.C. And the Sunshine band performed \"Give the Up\" ~ above the ABC-TV program \"American Bandstand\"...At the moment the track was in ~ #22 top top Billboard\"s hot Top 100 chart; twenty days previously on in march 11th, 1984 it peaked in ~ #18 for 1 week and also spent 21 mainly on the optimal 100...As mentioned above it reached #1 in the joined Kingdom, and it additionally peaked in ~ #1 in Ireland and also #2 in Belgium... In between 1974 and also 1979 the band had fifteen top 100 records; 6 of them made the top 10 with 5 reaching #1; \"Get under Tonight\", \"That\"s the means (I prefer It)\", \"(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake her Booty\", “I\"m her Boogie Man\", and also \"Please Don\"t Go\"...They just missed having a 6th #1 record once \"Keep the Comin\" Love\" peaked at #2 for 3 weeks in 1977...K.C., in a duet through Teri DeSario, got to #2 for 2 weeks v \"Yes, I\"m Ready\" in 1980.Cyberpope indigenous Richmond, CanadaI crack my mam up every time our kid is walking mamamama & ns go \"mama mama mama maaa provide it up, baby, give it up!\"Jesse from Madison, WiTypical retarded approach by major record labels. I mean they thought KC to be washed up and also they had to focus on the burgeoning punk/heavy metal scene. Too poor this was one of KC\"s best efforts and also a favorite of mine. Good singalong melody and the na-na-na\"s space great! KC was a great vocalist for every intents, no \"stellar\" together it were, however this tune display screens his best vocal work of his whole career. Way far better than the pappy disco-era access time of his. Through the exemption of please Don\"t Go, i beg your pardon is his 2nd finest effort. I think castle stand higher than any other KC hits. I very own the 12\" and I still listen to that regularly.Nelson from MelbourneIn 1993 Danish Euro-Pop group \"Cut N Move\" extended this song.see more comments
Hotel CaliforniaEagles

Many people believe \"Hotel California\" is around a psychological institution called the Camarillo, yet the Eagles speak it\"s about materialism and excess.

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We room The ChampionsQueen

Freddie Mercury taken into consideration \"We are The Champions\" his version of \"My Way.\" \"We have made it, and also it absolutely wasn\"t easy,\" the said.

Cathy\"s ClownThe Everly brothers

The very first single to simultaneously peak the UK and US charts to be The Everly Brothers\" \"Cathy\"s Clown\" in may 1960.

how Sweet the Is to Be loved By YouMarvin Gaye

\"How Sweet the Is to Be loved By You\" by Marvin Gaye was motivated by Jackie Gleason\"s saying, \"How Sweet the Is!\"

rose MarieSlim Whitman

Country star Slim Whitman\"s version of the 1920s song \"Rose Marie\" invested 11 continually weeks in ~ #1 in the UK in 1955, a record until 1991 once Bryan Adams’ \"(Everything i Do) I do It because that You\" spent 16 weeks at the top.

that Don\"t impress Me MuchShania two

Brad Pitt and Elvis both get mentions in the 1997 Shania two hit \"That Don\"t admire Me Much.\"

Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica)Songwriter Interviews

The former Metallica bassist talks around his first time writing a tune with James Hetfield, and how a hand-me-down iPad has adjusted his songwriting.

valley Phillips that Toad the Wet SprocketSongwriter Interviews

The \"All ns Want\" singer went with a long depression, playing some shows as soon as he didn\"t want to it is in alive.

90s Music Quiz 1Music Quiz

First question: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson appeared in videos because that what artist?

brother InvasionFact or Fiction

Go past The Beatles to watch what friend know about the brothers Invasion.

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James Williamson of Iggy & the StoogesSongwriter Interviews

The Stooges guitarist (and producer that the kill City album) talks around those early on recordings and what really happened with David Bowie.

Zac HansonSongwriter Interviews

Zac speak the story of Hanson\"s substantial hit \"MMMbop,\" and also talks around how brotherly bonds effect their music.