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Warning: spoiler ahead!

"Genius: thing Four" / National geographic ChannelOriginal airdate: 5.16.17 / created by young name Pink / command by Kevin Hooks

Episode grade: 4 the end of 5 stars

NatGeo simply aired the 4th episode of their "Genius" series produced by Academy compensation winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer around the life of Albert Einstein. (If you"re just capturing up now, review our recap that the an initial episode, the second episode and also the 3rd episode for all the details.)

This week"s episode starts where critical week"s ended, v Einstein toiling away at the patent office in Bern, Switzerland. The year is 1905.

Instead that simply giving or rejecting patents together he"s claimed to do, Einstein takes it upon self to test the scientific research of every patent request, regularly spending mainly reviewing just one application. It"s a habit his time-sensitive manager is fast to quash. "Your project is no to do it better," his manager speak him. "You likewise have a wife and a brand-new baby in ~ home, yes? If ns were you, i wouldn"t be so cavalier around the place that pays to assistance them."

In what small spare time the has, Einstein functions on a file about light waves, yet nobody in the scientific ar is taking him seriously. He"s distraught and depressed. "I want my ideas to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be recognized. However who would certainly publish the work-related of a third-class patent clerk?"

Samantha Colley portrays Mileva Maric and also Johnny Flynn theatre Albert Einstein in the series. (Photo: Dusan Matincek/National Geographic)

His wife, Mileva, make the efforts to speak him turn off the ledge. "You can either wait because that those dinosaurs to offer you permission to connect in the scientific people or girlfriend can show them that your principles cannot it is in snuffed out by those through a absence of imagination."

Mileva, it s her a college student of physics, uses to help her husband through the research and also to proofread his papers. They work through the night, burn the midnight oil. Sleep deprived, they to water a cup the coffee. And also then it access time them: "The more sugar ns add, the more thick the coffee becomes," Albert speak Mileva. In theory, he surmises, this could prove the visibility of molecules.


Once again, the scientific ar ignores Einstein"s findings. "I"ve to be toiling in obscurity because that 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, for the past two years. I want to wake up in the morning to pursue my passions, instead of being faced with the continuous sense of dread the I"m wasting mine life."

Albert convinces the patent office to rental his close girlfriend Michele Besso together a second mechanical engineer to job-related under him. That will, in turn, totally free up some of Einstein"s time so he can pursue his very own research.

Albert Einstein (right) welcomes the aid of his friend Michele Besso (left). (Photo: Dusan Matincek/National Geographic)

On the home front, Einstein"s mom moves in to aid Albert and also Mileva with their new baby, Hans. Not surprisingly, there"s conflict between Einstein"s mom and his wife. Mileva spends she days helping Albert carry out research, when his mommy thinks Mileva"s time would certainly be much better spent attending to family chores.

"MIleva, darling, if there"s one thing my Albert doesn"t need help with, it"s his science," she says. "But through the remainder of his life, he"s quite hopeless. Lucky for him, he has a wife."

The mother also pays Einstein a visit in ~ the patent office to resolve her concerns. "Your mam abandons her boy for hrs on end. She refuses to be taught just how to cook and also she leaves all the cleaning to me. Now, is the fair?"

Einstein is torn in between these two relationships. "When my mother and also Mileva room not lunging at every other"s throats, castle take transforms at mine," he speak his girlfriend Besso. That delves deeper right into his research, yet still without the recognition he therefore desires. "Here ns am through three published papers, and also nothing to present for it."

One night, when playing with a toy train v his son , Einstein experience an aha moment. "I totally solved the problem." that runs into work the next day to explain his findings to Besso.

"Close your eyes," Einstein speak him. "Pretend you"re overlooking a train track. Imagine a train, racing past, much faster than any kind of train you"ve ever before seen. Now I want you come imagine together the train is flying past, 2 lightning bolts crashing past the tracks at the exact same time, 100 meter apart. Now imagine the you"re standing in the middle of the train throughout the precise same scenario: would the lightning bolts be simultaneous? not if irradiate moves at one speed."

For the scene reflecting Einstein and Besso in front of a speeding train, the producers used a green display as a backdrop. (Photo: Dusan Matincek/National Geographic)

He tells Besso that the lightning bolts don"t seem simultaneous because he was relocating from one bolt in the direction of the other. "Time is not absolute! The much faster we relocate through space, the slower we move through time. It"s a redefinition the the universe." The episode truly comes alive as soon as we watch Einstein in these moments of clinical discovery, together opposed to the soap opera love triangle that has mired previous episodes.

Einstein explains his brand-new theory of relativity to Mileva – and then asks her to proofread it. Once the paper is published, Einstein many thanks Besso in the acknowledgements. Mileva, who helped with much of the research, is not stated at all. She"s heartbroken.

Einstein (left) many thanks Besso (right), while ignoring Maric. (Photo: Dusan Matincek/National Geographic)

This is in stark comparison to the working relationship between Pierre and also Marie Curie. Transparent this episode, the action flashes over to their activities in Paris wherein the husband-and-wife duo are discovering radium and radioactivity. In 1903, Pierre is offered the Nobel prize for their work. "Will my mam be provided the prize together well?" he asks. "Madame Curie and I space partners." he insists on no accepting the honor unless it"s also given to his wife. His stance works. Marie would come to be the first woman to victory the Nobel Prize, and the only human being to win a Nobel prize in two different sciences.

Back to Einstein, in the episode"s final scene, an certified dealer from the call Prussian Academy in Berlin comes to visit Einstein in the patent office. He"s been analysis all the research Einstein"s been functioning on. "You"ve accomplished more in one year, than most scientists do in a lifetime. We would like to help you further your career."

He asks Einstein if he"s functioning on noþeles new. Einstein hands him a item of file with the equation "E=MC2" on it. "Herr Einstein," that says, "this is genius."

In the episode"s last scene, Einstein reflects his soon-to-be-famous equation come an interested scientist. (Photo: Dusan Matincek/National Geographic)

Episode"s finest cameo: We see Einstein smoking his iconic pipe because that the very first time.

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