With she unshakable determination and also indomitable strength of will, it"s straightforward to see why Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clark) is the favourite character of many "Game the Thrones" enthusiasts. It"s also understandable why the show"s final season to be so universally hated, considering Dany"s inexcusable actions in ~ King"s Landing and also her fate in ~ the hand of Jon snow (Kit Harrington). Still, it"s the writers who gained blamed for Dany"s downfall, not the character herself.

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It might be that Daenerys is a truly good leader, with her three dragons and an Earth-shaking pressure that no army can stand against, yet the reality is that she would certainly have acquired nowhere if that weren"t for Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa). It"s out of respect because that Drogo the the Dothraki also tolerate Daenerys in ~ first, and also it"s his strength as a leader that rises her own confidence. Drogo lifted her up together a true khaleesi, no just one more conquest or a trophy wife.

Now, that"s no to say the Khal Drogo is a character to be admired. That is a ruthless, violent male who rapes and pillages and also sells servants — all of which is expected actions for a Dothraki ruler, and every one of which at some point made him the khal that is at the beginning of "Game the Thrones." he takes what he wants and also he walk what that feels favor without restraint or consequence. If anything, Drogo might be taken into consideration a stepping stone on Dany"s route to greatness, however he shouldn"t be credited with make her that she becomes by the series" end. Drogo go a many really messed up things throughout "Thrones," – but one of them stands out above the remainder as the pure worst.

In the beginning, before she i do not care the "Mother the Dragons," Daenerys is just a victim — a device to be provided to slake the desire of both her brother, Viserys (Harry Lloyd), who lusts because that power, and also Khal Drogo, that lusts for a pretty, silver-haired Westerosi woman. Dany is provided to Khal Drogo together a gift indigenous Viserys, that is hoping because that a large, formidable Dothraki army — a khalasar — in exchange to win back the iron Throne. Although Dany and also Drogo concerned love one one more in their own way, points don"t quite start the end as an ideal romance make in heaven.

After the wedding celebration in the series" pilot, "Winter is Coming," Drogo takes Dany to a scenic hilltop come consummate their marital relationship — however it"s no the honeymoon night the Dany"s dreams. As Drogo strips she of her clothes, Dany starts to weep, and Drogo wipes her tears away. He then utters the solitary word he to know of the typical tongue: "No." it seems prefer Drogo can"t stand to see his brand-new bride cry, however that doesn"t prevent him indigenous forcing Dany to have sex.

This step caused many fans of the display a many discomfort however was particularly despised by fans of the publications that "Game of Thrones" to be based on, "A track of Ice and Fire." The scene plays the end quite in different way in the original text, v Drogo in reality being much much more gentle v his new wife. Daenerys in the book is only 13 year old, though, as opposed to being 16 in the show, which renders the totality thing the much an ext icky. So, yeah, any method you part it, the scene pipeline a negative taste in viewers" mouths.


Of course, together fans know, Khal Drogo and also Daenerys" partnership takes a pretty huge turn before long. After asking her handmaidens exactly how she have the right to connect an ext closely with Drogo, Dany reflects her inner strength throughout the couple"s intimate moments, and also Drogo not just respects, yet loves his wife before long, honoring her through gifts and also even showing her uncharacteristic affection.

When Dany realizes she"s carrying Drogo"s child, the khal is overjoyed, especially when woman members the his khalasar proclaim that their child will it is in a powerful warrior — special, the "stallion that mounts the world." After a ceremony wherein a pregnant Dany eats whole horse heart to make her child strong, Drogo declares that, per his wife"s wishes, he and his males will cross the sea to Westeros to overtake King"s Landing and the stole Throne, which Dany and also Viserys think is their birthright together Targaryens, and also Daenerys announces the their son will be named "Rhaego," after her late brothers Rhaegar.

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Sadly, Drogo end up losing his life as Season 1 ends; ~ killing one of his own males to defend Dany"s honor, the khal contract a danger blood infection, and when Dany renders a attend to a godswife to try and treat him, she just ends increase making his condition worse as soon as the an alleged healer leaves Drogo in a catatonic state as revenge. Dany ultimately loses the man she loves — and, many thanks to his funeral pyre, gains three dragons — but it"s constantly worth remembering the their relationship gets turn off to a, well, rocky start.