In perboy services are limited to appointments only. Property owners are motivated to make use of digital resources to conduct TCAD-related business.

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Determined by the Appraisal District:

Market Value= What the residential or commercial property would certainly offer forAssessed Value= The limited home value after exemptions are appliedTaxable Value= The property value you pay taxes on


Determined by the Taxing Units & Elected Officials:

No New Revenue Rate= The recollection button on taxes. The tax rate that would geneprice the very same amount of taxation levy as the last year.Voter Approval Rate= The maximum tax rate that a taxing unit deserve to take on.Adopted Rate= The taxes rate embraced by the taxing unit.

Travis Central Appraisal District is responsible for sensibly determining the value of all genuine and also business personal property within Travis County, Texas. The district appraises residential property according to the Texas Property Tax Code and the Unidevelop Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP).

VALUE x Tax Rate = Property Tax

Value: the worth of a residential property identified by the TCADTax Rate: percentage whereby the assessed value of a residential property is multiplied to recognize the taxation billProperty Tax: the annual price homeowners challenge to administer revenue for neighborhood governments’ spfinishing on institutions, libraries, parks, police and also fire defense, and so on.After the VALUE is identified, TCAD’s duty in the formula is complete!




View reappraisal setup, open up bid and also proposal researches, publicly obtainable data, financial reports and other reports.



View videos to learn around the appraisal district & aid in completing forms or applications.

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Chief Appraiser:Marya Crigler

Taxpayer Liaison:Martin Wilbanks

Address:850 E Anderson LaneAustin, Texas 78752

A property owner might file a late application for a homestead exemption after the deadline for filing has passed if it is filed not later than two years after the delinquency day for the taxes on the homestead.

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