feat. Jhene AikoWhat"s up?Been a minute since we kicked it, you"ve been caught upWith castle bitches, ns don"t get it, you"re a star loveYou shouldn"t have to address thatI"d never make you feel choose thatCause...I love me, ns love me sufficient for the both the usThat"s why you trust me, I know you to be through more than many of usSo what are you? What are you, what room you so fear of?Darling you, friend give yet you cannot take it loveI required to hear the shit, ns hate once you"re submissivePassive aggressive as soon as we"re textin", i feel the distanceI look around the peers that surround me, this niggas trippin"I like when money makes a difference however don"t do you differentStarted realizin" a pair places I could take itI want to get earlier to once I was that child in the basementI desire to take it it deeper 보다 money, pussy, vacationAnd influence a generation that"s lackin" in patienceI"ve been dealing with my dad, speakin" of lack of patienceJust me and also my old man gettin" back to basicsWe"ve been talkin" "bout the future and time that us wastedWhen he put that party down, girl that nigga"s amazin"Well, posesthe it, we had a pair CoronasWe could have rolling a white paper, simply somethin" to organize usWe also talked about you and also our pair of momentsHe stated we have to hash it out like a couple of grown upsYou a flower child, beautiful child, I"m in your zoneLookin" like you come from the 70"s on her ownMy mom is 66 and her favourite line to hit me with isWho the fuck desires to it is in 70 and alone?You don"t also know what you want from love anymoreI find for somethin" I"m lacking and disappear as soon as I"m boredBut girl, what features was i lookin" because that before?Who girlfriend settlin" for? Who better for you than the boy, huh?Thinkin" "bout Texas, ago when Porsha supplied to work-related at TreasuresOr further earlier than that, before I had the Houston leverageWhen I obtained Summer a Michael Kors with my momma"s debitA weak attempt at flexin", I"ll never ever forget itCause that night ns played her three songsThen we got to talkin" "bout something we disagreed onThen she start tellin" me how I"ll never be as large as Trey SongzBoy was she wrong, the was just an unfavorable energy for me to feeding offNow it"s therapeutic blowin" money in the GalleriaOr Beverly center Macy"s where I discovered BriaLandmarks that the muses that inspired the musicWhen I might tell it to be sincere there is no tryin" come prove itThe one the I required was Courtney from Hooters ~ above PeachtreeI"ve constantly been feelin" favor she was the item to complete meNow she engaged to be married, what"s the sirloin on commitment?Know we were goin" with some shit, name a pair that isn’tRemember our talk in the parking lot at the RitzGirl ns felt prefer we had actually it all planned out, ns guess i fucked increase the visionLearnin" the true consequences of mine selfish decisionsWhen you discover out just how I’m livin" I simply hope ns forgivenIt seem like you don’t want this love anymoreI’m actin" the end in the open, it’s hard for you to ignoreBut girl, what characteristics was ns lookin" for before?Who friend settlin" for, who much better for you than the boy, huh?"Been Baka aka not Nice indigenous Time, G. To be a east Side ting.

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Scarborough ting from time, G, been have actually up di ting dem from time, G. So ns don"t understand what"s wrong with these small wastemen out here eh? Y"all need to know yourself."