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It feels favor an eternity due to the fact that the super Bowl ended in dramatic fashion. Earlier then, Tom Brady to be floating top top a cloud. Now, he"s prepare to hit in court over Deflategate. 

While the does that, the remainder of the NFL human being is moving on. There are preseason gamings to it is in played and positions battles to be determined to get us warmed up for the begin of the constant season. It all starts Sunday, Aug. 9 through the room of Fame game when the Pittsburgh Steelers and also Minnesota Vikings kick off the season.

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The video game marks the return the Vikings" running ago Adrian Peterson, who missed all but one game last season, yet starts 2015 through a new contract in tow. Together a rookie, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater impressed, however with Peterson in the backfield, Bridgewater can take a big leap in Year 2.

Meanwhile, the Steelers boast potentially the finest offense quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has ever before had, although running ago Le"Veon Bell will miss the very first two gamings while offer an NFL suspension.

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When is the agree Football room of Fame game 2015? 

The Steelers and also Vikings pat Sunday, Aug. 9, in ~ 8 p.m. ET. The game will be hosted at Tom Benson hall of Fame stadion in Canton, Ohio.

How can I clock the room of reputation game? 

The very first preseason video game of the 2015 season will certainly be televised ~ above NBC"s "Sunday Night Football" and also transfer nationally top top radio by Westwood One Sports.

What space the Vikings" and Steelers" HOF video game records? 

The Vikings space playing in the game for the 3rd time and are 2-1. They very first played the Saints in 1970, a 14-13 brand-new Orleans win. Minnesota defeated the Baltimore Colts in 1982 and the Seattle Seahawks in 1997.

This is the Steelers" sixth appearance in the game, and they have actually a 3-2 record. They beat the Cleveland Browns in 1963, the Saints in both 1983 and also 2007. The two losses came to the Baltimore Colts in 1964 and the Tampa bay Buccaneers in 1998.

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When is the room of fame enshrinement ceremony?

The induction awareness is Saturday, Aug. 8. It will feature the complying with inductees: Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, junior Seau, Mike Tingelhoff, Charles Haley, will Shields, invoice Polian and also Ron Wolf.