Foot the invoice Meaning

Definition: come pay for the bill or to cover the cost of something.

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Origin that Foot the Bill

This expression dates back to the early 1800s.

Foot can typical the bottom the something, such together the bottom of a mountain. In this idiom, it refers to the bottom the a tower of prices on a bill.

Originally, footing the bill intended to add up the prices of various items on a bill and also find the total cost. This complete cost shows up at the lowest part of the bill, or in various other words, the foot of the bill.

Over time, this changed to mean covering the cost. Nowadays, this expression often implies extending a huge bill, specifically for who else’s expenses, such as a child or daughter’s wedding.

Examples of Foot the Bill

In the instance below, a husband speak his wife around some debts that his brother has incurred.

Kip: My brothers Ronny was gambling again. The creditors space coming ~ him. I available to salary his fan one critical time if he guarantees to acquire professional assist for his gambling addiction.

Caroline: i’m so ailing of that doing that! it’s unfair to intend you to proceed to foot the invoice for his bad life choices!

Kip: Well, he no ask me to. Ns did feel prefer I had a responsibility to carry out it though, even though I’d fairly not invest my money on such things.

In this second example, 2 lawyers are on their way to lunch with an essential client.

Jessica: I recognize you’re brand-new to the firm. Exactly how do you like it for this reason far?

George: the great! yet there’s quiet so lot to learn. Because that example, just how are we claimed to pay because that this lunch with this client? This is an expensive restaurant, and I haven’t also gotten my first paycheck yet.

Jessica: nothing worry. The firm will certainly foot the bill.

More Examples

This excerpt discusses one actress who had to salary to be part of a movie.

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This excerpt is around who is responsible for paying extra costs to security a politician.


The phrase foot the invoice means to covering the prices of a bill, especially a big amount the money, for a price someone else has actually accrued.


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