Reporting native Indio, Calif.—Every year, there’s always a Coachella overachiever. It’s usually a tiny act in a midday tent, or a late-night conference that unexpectedly convinces crowds to stay to the end.

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This year, it to be a key stage almost-headliner who played prefer the civilization was hers. Anyone talking about Drake and Madonna’s tawdry small smooch, but don’t be fooled -- Florence + the device was Sunday’s standout.

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Florence Welch has actually never essential to convince anyone she have the right to really, yes, really sing. The was noticeable since she 2010 MTV video clip Music Awards performance through “Dog Days space Over,” which transfixed viewers through the life verve and also skill of a brand-new talent. She’s because become a festival mainstay and also a major-venue headliner, but somehow still easy enough to overlook through big, regal popular music that never quite recorded U.S. Crowds as fully as her talent warranted. Even if you’d simply raved to her Calvin Harris monitor “Sweet Nothing” in the Sahara Tent, it could have slipped your mind the her new album “How large How Blue just how Beautiful” was due ~ above June 2.

------------FOR THE RECORD: Florence + the Machine: In the April 14 Calendar section, a testimonial of Florence + the Machine’s performance at the Coachella valley Music and Arts Festival referred to a track as “Shake that Off.” The title is “Shake the Out.” — ------------That every went the end the window at Coachella. Welch demolished the main stage’s substantial expanse in ways that even AC/DC couldn’t hack. She voice has actually never been better, and also when she dug into large runs top top “What type of Man” and also “Ship come Wreck,” she do it impossible to execute anything however watch her. Even if it is banging tambourines or prowling the prior rows or just twirling and also reveling in the sight of that many human being at her beck and also call, she deserve every minute of that vast platform and took it for every it to be worth.

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She brought out a big, potent live band for the occasion. No singer has actually needed the assistance of backing vocalists less, yet they added an unquantifiable zest and grandeur to “Shake the Out.” however Welch was a force of nature all on she own, whether hitting expert high notes, or whirling herself right into captivating fits the white cloth and also red hair. Fans from across the grounds ran headlong right into the crowd simply to soak it in.

For the Record

April 14, 10:49 a.m.: An earlier version of this short article misidentified one of Florence + the Machine’s songs as “Shake that Off.” The correct title is “Shake that Out.”

It probably shouldn’t it is in a surprise that a second-billed key stage act placed on together a show. Of course she’s good, of food she had won a crowd. But still, together the Sunday night field buzzed through Drake anticipation, for about an hour on Sunday night, Welch take it Coachella by the throat and also made that hers.