The musicians space top-notch, the singers are phenomenal and also the visual effects are unbelievably immersive.

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Pink Floyd"s life History

The world"s number one Pink Floyd tribute act, Brit Floyd room a must for any kind of serious Pink Floyd fan! your concerts features music native the band"s whole career, native the Syd Barrett led "60s psychedelic pop of "The Piper in ~ the gateways of Dawn", to the nineties" "The division Bell", and everything in between.

The display employs latest-tech projections, a million dollar light display and an also bigger stage show to burned some light on the background of the group and the differing egos and ideas the its members. Because forming in 2011, Brit Floyd have played to over one million pan globally. The songs take center stage but this is far more than a mere tribute act.



Performance date: 19 august 2021


Suitable for eras 8+


You may be required to have had a COVID vaccine in order to to visit this power or display proof of a an adverse test. Please contact the venue directly for more information on this.

42 reviews, average rating: (4.5 Stars)


Tom: “Brit Floyd does not disappoint ”

As intended Brit Floyd again was flawless. The new light show mesmerizing... More

Dean: “Magnificent ”

Excellent present hope castle return quickly a Floydian fan very happy more


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