“I shall continue to do what I think is right whether anybody likes it or not.” (Harry S.Truman) →

I am always amazed by election year politics and the way politicians can twist any set of facts into anything that suits their nefarious purposes. Even at the lowest levels of government, distortion and deceit are common practices. And you know what makes it worse? We fall for it repeatedly. Let’s face it, we are about to elect the most dishonest president in the history of the United States of America and it doesn’t even matter what party we vote for because both candidates are equally capable of lying to get what they want. Welcome to the 21st century where truth, justice and the American way are just distant memories.

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Given that I spend so much time driving, I am inundated with political advertising on the radio. I have heard back-to-back commercials that completely contradict each other and leave me wondering who, if anyone, is telling the truth. Then we have the daily polls to remind us of who is in the lead at that exact moment in time, never mind that the numbers change hourly and polls are inherently biased. Just asking a question a certain way lends itself to the answer that is desired in the first place. That makes it really easy to manipulate the outcome but polls are still a popular way to influence the election. Our democratic process has become anything but democratic and we are about to elect another incompetent leader in just a few months. That’s America, where anybody can become president if they win the beauty pageant we used to call an election.

All of this frustration with the political process has given me an idea. I wanted to test the accuracy of polls by trying one myself. I wanted to keep it simple and it wasn’t the least bit scientific but it did achieve some remarkable results. On my drive today I was taking two little brothers to visit their mom. When we arrived at the destination, there was a large group of women taking an exercise class on a playground. I parked the car close to them and proceeded to get the boys out and into the building. Along the way, several women in the group voiced their opinions of me. (Is it catcalling if women do it to men?) As I headed back to the car alone, the comments became more colorful and plentiful. I was greeted with, “Look at that guy, he’s hot!” At that point, I turned it into a social experiment. I said, “How hot do you think I am?” That brought forth a stream of catcalls including several offers to bear my children and one older woman who said, “I haven’t seen a man that hot in 20 years.”

Now, I’m sure that carrying a two-year old and holding hands with his older brother probably improved my odds of being seen as attractive because lets face it, I’m 62 years old and I have my share of grey hair, wrinkles and extra pounds. I might have been hot a long, long time ago but I’m not crazy enough to think I could pull that off now.

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So what can we learn from this informal poll based on a random sampling of an ethnically diverse group of women of all ages? First, women never lie about men and second, I can honestly claim to be the hottest 62 year old Guy alive or at least according to the inmates at the Women’s Correctional Facility in Topeka, Kansas. Mark Twain would be proud of me.