`alpha=1/(sqrt(10))*sinbeta=1/(sqrt(5))` (where `alpha,beta and also alpha+beta` are confident acute angles). Show that `alpha+beta = pi/4`


`sin alpha = 1/sqrt 10`,`sin beta = 1/ sqrt5`, `alpha`,`beta`లు లఘు కోణాలయితే `alpha +beta = pi/4` అని చూపండి.

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If `sin (alpha - beta) =1/2 and also cos (alpha + beta) =1/2,` where` alpha and beta` are hopeful acute angles, climate
If `sin (alpha - beta) =1/2 and cos (alpha + beta) =1/2,` where` alpha and beta` are hopeful acute angles, then `alpha and beta` are
If A,B are acute angles such that `tan(alpha+beta)=1,tan(alpha-beta)=(1)/(sqrt(3))` climate `tan4 alpha`

For all worths of A and also B `tan(A+B)=(tanA+tanB)/(1-tanAtanB)` and also `tan(A-B)=(tanA-tanB)/(1+tanAtanB)`

Prove that `sin(A+B+C)=sinAcosBcosC+cosAsinBcosC+cosAcosBsinC-sinAsinBsinC` `cos(A+B+C)=cosAcosBcosC-cosAsinBsinC-sinAcosBsinC-sinAsinBcosC`

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