Select the an answer that identify or corresponds ideal to the picture on the screen.

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Paleolithic – correct



Çatal Höyük has actually a many remarkable mural, a landscape. Which statement ideal defines the termlandscape?


It is a picture of a natural setting in its very own right v narrative content.

It is a snapshot that must have trees and also narrative content.

It is a snapshot of a natural setting in its very own right without any kind of narrative content. – correct

It is a snapshot that must have actually trees and also no narrative content.

A henge, or ____, was a type of megalithic monument found nearly exclusively in Britain.

an arrangement of megalithic stones in a circle – correct

passage grave

huge stones i ordered it in a diamond

fortification wall surface inset through towers

Figures sculptedin the roundcan be identified as ____.

freestanding – correct

bas relief


high relief

One that the most well known Paleolithic cave paintings, theHall the the Bulls, was uncovered in ____.


the Lascaux caves – correct




One of the said purposes because that Paleolithic cavern paintings is thought to have been ____.

decoration because that the cave

a record of the vault season’s kills

the production myth of the lack chief

insurance because that the survive of the herd – correct

The focus on the anatomy of theNude mrs figurine (Venus the Willendorf) suggests early man’s interest in ____.

gold and jewels

athletic competitions

the domestication that animals

health and fertility – correct

The consistent appearance of ____ distinguish paintings developed in the Neolithic duration from those in the Paleolithic period.

human figures – correct



landscape facets such together trees and flowers

What could explain the pervasiveness of female numbers in Paleolithic art?

survival that the certain individuals

____ was used nearly exclusively for the representation of animals in Paleolithic art.


The profile view – correct

Linear perspective

Composite creature

Found ~ above theWarka Vase, the convention of power structure of scale indicated ____.

order of the gods

greater importance – correct

the strength of money

the first families

In his quest of beautifying the city of Bayblon, Nebuchadnezzar II built the ____ as one of the main gateways to the city.

Palace that Darius

Ziggurat in ~ Ur

White Temple

Ishtar Gate – correct

A magnificent mortuary temple was built at Deir el Bahri because that which of the complying with pharaohs?



Hatshepsut – correct


A rectangle-shaped brick or stone tomb through sloping sides is dubbed a ____?


mastaba – correct



Egyptian art—with the exception of the Amarna period—can be defined as i m sorry of the following?

Conservative and also fleeting

Conservative and formulaic – correct

Fluid and also experimental

Expressive and also experimental

In around 3000 BCE, the conventions for representing the human figure that dominated Egyptian art until finish of the new Kingdom deserve to be discovered in which of the following?

Rosetta Stone

Standard that Heliopolis

Stele the Ramses

Palette that King Narmer – correct

In addition to their role as a tomb, the pyramids likewise ____.

served together a platform because that the clergymans of Amen to gain followers

provided work for the powerful mason guild

served as a reminder the the afterlife

served together a reminder the the absolute power of the pharaoh – correct

Pyramids were most popular throughout which the the complying with periods?

Old Kingdom – correct

Middle Kingdom

Predynastic period

Early Dynastic period

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Akhenaton – correct



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New Kingdom

Predynastic – correct

Old Kingdom

Later period

Some scholars think that Amarna artist formulated a brand-new androgynous picture of the pharaoh, Akhenaton, as the manifestation of ____.

the sunlight god Ra



the sun disk Aton – correct

The columns in the hypostyle hall at Karnak have capitals that resemble ____.


Model ofHypostyleHall,Karnak, Egypt, c. 1290BC-1224BC



Geometrical shapes

Lotus or papyrus plants – correct

The many-columned hall found in one Egyptian holy place is referred to as a ____?

hypostyle hall – correct

pylon hall


sanctuary hall

Tomb paintings were developed in i beg your pardon of the complying with techniques?



Fresco secco – correct


What was uncovered during Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt in 1799 that was of immense importance in understanding and interpreting Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Death mask of Tutankhamen

Palette of Narmer

Rosetta Stone – correct

Champollion sto

Which that the following defines a building technique commonly used in Egyptian temples?

Cyclopean walls

Corbelled vaulting

Post and also lintel – correct

Beam and balance

Which that the adhering to is the ideal explanation because that the portrayal that Akhenaton’s human body type?

a plot flower by the priesthood of Amen to do him look foolish

no competent artists would occupational for him

deliberate creative reaction versus the created style – correct

he to be cursed through the priests of Amen

Which of the adhering to is the most far-reaching resource for understanding Egyptian human being and spiritual beliefs?


Content the Egyptian tombs

Written accounts from old Greek visitors – correct

Detailed hieroglyphic records discovered in the Library that Alexandria

Which of the following plants was typically used to symbolize Upper Egypt?



Lotus – correct


Which work most likely commemorates the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt?

Saqqara stele

Palette that Djoser

Palette of Narmer – correct

Saqqara relief

It has been argued that Cycladic figurines to be funerary offerings. Based on their schematized representation and size, how could they have been put in the graves?

Standing in the grave

Suspended indigenous the sarcophagus

Standing by the sarcophagus

Placed on your backs – correct

Minoan columns are identified by ____.

bud-shaped capitals

pronounced swelling in the center

tapering shape and also bulbous capitals – correct

bull-shaped capitals

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Minoan – correct




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Cycladic – correct




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Faience – correct

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Minoan – correct


Significant numbers of tiny marble figurines representing naked women through arms folded end abdomens have been found in ____.



the Cyclades Islands – correct


The Old Palace period in Minoan art came to an end roughly 1700 BCE. What to be the probable cause?

Invasion through the Mycenaeans

Earthquake – correct

Invasion by the Egyptians

Tidal wave

The Treasury of Atreus is fantastic example that a ____.

Minoan sarcophagus

Mycenaean fortification

temple treasury

tholos tomb – correct

Which the the complying with is a palace on Crete?

Knossos – correct




A woman statue column used together an architectural support was well-known as a ____.




caryatid – correct

A was standing nude number of a young man is recognized in Greek art as which of the following?



Kouros – correct


In his ____, Praxiteles take it the unprecedented step of representing a female nude.

Diana and Actaeon

Peplos Kore

Aphrodite the Knidos – correct

Caryatid A

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Praxiteles,Aphrodite that Knidos, roman Copy, c. 350-340 BC


Archaic – correct

Late Classical


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Krater, Athens, Greece, c. 740 BC

Geometric Greek – correct

Archaic Greek



Scholars mostly agree that the Ionic frieze top top the Parthenon is a representation of the ____.

Panathenaic procession – correct



Athena’s birth

The Geometric krater would most most likely be discovered in i m sorry of the following?

An Egyptian tomb

A temple of Apollo

An Athenian cemetery of the Geometric period – correct

The royal burial at Ur

The ____ is the historical event that introduced the start of the classic period.

defeat the the Persians – correct

death that Alexander the Great

construction the the holy place of Hera I

Greek capture of Egypt

The rigidly frontal posture of antiquated statues shows the affect of ____.

Egyptian art – correct

the Minoans

the Geometric period

Cycladic figures

The sculptor Polykleitos implemented order on person movement in hisDoryphorosby ____.

conveying the personality and emotional characteristics of the individual

extending the number into the neighboring space

creating a system of overcome balances – correct

copying Egyptian statues that pharaohs

Christianity was known as the main religion of Rome in the at an early stage fourth century CE whereby of the following?

Marcus Aurelius

Constantine – correct



Coffering to be a beneficial architectural device in the it perform what function?

Helped lighten the load of a dome or arch – correct

Supplied an accurate method of measurement for the Romans

Enabled substantial road systems to be built

Helped broaden interior space

Most architecture sculpture to be made come decorate what component of the Etruscan temple?

The pediment

The roof – correct

The sides

The entryways

One element of Etruscan society that added to their downfall was the lack of ____?


political cohesion – correct

skilled artisans


SLIDE IDENTIFICATIONSelect the an answer that identifies or corresponds best to the photo on the screen.


Man with portrait busts the his ancestors, Rome, late first c. BC

Roman Republic

Late roman inn Empire

Etruscan – correct

Early roman Empire

The Apulu that Veii is made of i beg your pardon of the following materials?



Terracotta – correct


The Emperor Trajan i was delegated which of the following?

The Arc de Triomphe now in Paris

The column portraying his victories – correct

The Ara Pacis

The Colosseum

The Etruscans came to be citizens of i beg your pardon the complying with in the very first century BCE?

Rome – correct




The Pantheon was among the most significant designs in the background of architecture. It carried new meaning to the concept of “architectural space.” i beg your pardon of the adhering to descriptions characterize this influential work?

The style is based upon the intersection of two rectangles.

The design is based upon the intersection of two squares.

The architecture is based on the intersection of 2 circles. – correct

The style is based upon the trapezoid.

The shaft used top top Etruscan holy places resemble which type of Greek column?


Doric – correct



The live independence spirit and also relative flexibility Etruscan women appreciated horrified i beg your pardon of the following?

Egyptian masculine authors

Greco-Roman male authors – correct

Etruscan male authors

Trojan masculine authors

The influence for the procession that the imperial family members on the Ara Pacis Augustae was ____.

the Apotheosis of Antoninus Pius and also Faustina

Pompeian wall painting

the Panathenaic frieze native the Parthenon – correct

the pillar of Trajan

The vast overhang roof of the Etruscan holy place could role as i m sorry of the following?

A negative copy of a Greek temple

A sculptural mass come be checked out from every directions

An ill-defined house for the priests

A ar of shelter – correct

Where would certainly an oculus it is in found?

As component of a roman inn peristyle

At the center of a dome – correct

In the apse that a basilica

In the wall surface of a temple

Which of the following defines Etruscan art?

It to be a mix of stability and calm.

It was a mix of motion and vitality. – correct

It to be a massive of cylindrical forms.

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It was a combination of rigid frontality and also symmetry.

Which of the adhering to would be situated in a forum and would home the law court for the city?