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Just as soon as you thought 2020 could not get any an ext mental, rumours surfaced this main of a potential exhibition boxing match in between multiple-time civilization champion Floyd Mayweather and also social media superstar Logan Paul.

Mayweather is now 43-years-old and has not fought professionally due to the fact that he knocked out Conor McGregor in their mega-money bout ago in august 2017. The 50-fight veteran did, however, endeavor to Japan in December 2018 to face kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition match. Mayweather blasted Nasukawa the end in just 139 seconds at RIZIN 14 - earning a report $9 million in the process.

It is straightforward to see, then, why Mayweather would be keen to take on Paul in an additional exhibition bout - one that would surely generate far more interest (and revenue) 보다 the Nasukawa fight.

Paul himself has entered the ring on two occasions - as soon as professionally and once in an exhibition match. Both bouts experienced him confront fellow YouTuber KSI, yet neither saw Paul taste victory.

On paper, the propose fight would certainly be a complete mismatch. V that said, though, you recognize that a hit is a big deal as soon as it it s okay the hit Night Champion therapy - and YouTube channel big Fight Simulations had actually obliged - playing out the Mayweather Vs Paul clash ~ above the classic boxing title.

Paul, the larger man in both real-life and also virtual terms, actually begins the bout fine - acquisition the first two rounds on a pair that the judges" scorecards. However, things quickly go downhill because that the 25-year-old in the third round after that is knocked down by a stiff right hand.

Paul"s stamina conveniently empties in the rounds that follow and also he is able to offer little to challenge Mayweather, before being reduce again in ring six.

The end comes a round later, once Mayweather pond Paul with a left uppercut indigenous which he cannot recover. Mayweather officially wins the simulated dispute with 45 seconds continuing to be in round seven by TKO.

If the fight ever does come to be a reality, it may not different too much from the online version available up by fight Night Champion. Paul last dealt with as a cruiserweight and is far much more physically imposing 보다 Mayweather.

Whilst Floyd undoubtedly has the leaf to terms of boxing ability, he has actually been recognized to take his time in the early on rounds that a contest and also so very early knockout might be much from the formality that some may think.

The finish result, though, would surely be Mayweather by stoppage, maybe after taking his time to toy through Paul.

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It could not be the most competitive bout the the human being has ever before seen, yet the build-up to a fight in between the pair could not fail to be entertaining. In the absence of lot top-level activity this year, this suggest exhibition can prove to it is in a an excellent spectacle if naught else.