The tool, discovered in Australian military ration packs, is taken into consideration handy by some and awful by others.

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The Field Ration Eating Device, a multifunction tool dispersed to members of the Australian military, is either a good development or entirely absurd, depending upon whom you ask. The tool is referred to by some as a “Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device,” or, even more sindicate, by the acronym F.R.E.D.

The Field Ration Eating Device initially ended up being a component of Australian Defence Force members’ ration packs in the 1960s, together with staples prefer Vegemite and also a tube of sweetened condensed milk. The little bit hardened-steel device is comparable to the P-38, the have the right to opener invented during World War II for the United States Armed Forces. Both tools feature a have the right to opener that folds out from the side. But F.R.E.D. tries to carry out one much better, adding a bottle opener on one end and also a spoon on the various other.

The thing is, F.R.E.D.’s spoon is supposedly not extremely handy at all. One reviewer dubbed the bowl “incredibly shallow” and also understood it a difficulty to eat a stew or a soup, therefore the less-than-flattering nickname. The deserve to opener is about as good as it gets, though. All you execute is press the blade right into the tin’s lip, and keep turning and punching the can till you acquire it open.

As of 2016, F.R.E.D. was still had in ration packs for the Australian army. But you don’t need to be a soldier to obtain your hands on one. The internet abounds through collectors marketing the devices.

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Need to Know

Don"t expect the deserve to opener to work choose a standard household one. This one calls for many punctures and also twisting, and also some patience, also.