They room aimed at various network layers. Every layer-2 broadcast have to be inspected and processed by every hold to see if it need to be passed approximately layer-3. A layer-3 broadcast obtained by a hold must be inspected and also processed to watch if it must be passed approximately layer-4.

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I suppose it would be possible to produce a layer-2 structure which is a layer-2 unicast frame yet contains a layer-3 transfer address. This would not really be a broadcast because it just goes come a solitary host based upon the layer-2 MAC address.

ARP is an instance of a layer-2 transfer which has actually a layer-3 unicast address. Each organize must check the layer-2 ARP transfer to check out if it should be passed up to layer-3, but only the organize with the layer-3 unicast deal with will in reality pass the layer-2 transfer up the stack.


The great 2 broadcast deal with ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff is used on ethernet frames and is supposedly broadcasted on all equipments. is the layer 3 deal with that is offered to adress the specific same hosts.

Note that:

IP can support all kind of networks, therefore ethernet won"t be constantly used. Reciprocally ethernet can be offered without IP (appletalk, IPX, ...).One great 2 media can share numerous IP networks, yet it is really poor practice: broadcast boundaries should be the same at layer 2 and 3 (for circumstances if and are located on the exact same switch and same vlan: bad idea).

The circulation of website traffic in each instance goes favor this.

Let"s take Ron"s example of an ARP Request. So the class 2 destination resolve is ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff i beg your pardon is a broadcast. The layer 3 resolve however might be i m sorry is more than likely the IP resolve of the organize that you"re make the efforts to discover the MAC deal with for. Now this ARP packet is sent out on the network and also every hold on the network receives it. Each organize is going to first receive it, run a CRC top top it and also if pass, will certainly go ~ above to examine the layer 2 address. Now since it"s a broadcast, it"s going to happen through and also then the will inspect the class 3 address. Those that execute not match, discard the packet. The one that does match then develops a an answer packet v it"s MAC address, to adjust the class 3 destination as our original source (say and also layer 2 destination as the MAC deal with of ours source.

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Like Ron mentioned, the distinction is greatly where it"s processed. While MAC addresses room processed in layer 2, IP addresses room looked at just at layer 3. Sometimes, the maker might not also look in ~ the IP resolve and straight discard the packet after checking layer 2 information.