Dominating the ar is a QB's job in the NFL, and also in Madden 18, it payment to understand which quarterbacks space the best and why. Here's her guide.

Madden 18 is here. And with an additional year the gridiron activity comes one more year where you"ll desire to it is in the finest coach top top the field -- with the ideal quarterback leading your offense down the field. To perform that, you need to understand who the best quarterbacks room in Madden 18 -- whether they"re on your team or top top the various other side that the ball.

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So rather of going through every roster and also comparing stat lines yourself, we"ve put together a overview of the best quarterbacks in Madden 18 and why they"ll aid you overcome the vain -- or possibly burn her defense.

Let"s kick this off.

Tom Brady (New England Patriots)


It"s little surprise that the new England signal caller is the highest-rated quarterback in Madden 18 -- gracing the cover of both the conventional edition and also the G.O.A.T. Version of the video game pretty lot makes the a foregone conclusion.

Brady come in come the new year of Madden with a chuck 99 in its entirety rating, making that a veritable monster in the pocket. Here"s his complete stat line:

Overall: 99Speed: 62Agility: 67Awareness: 99Throw Power: 97Short ACC: 99Mid ACC: 98Deep ACC: 87

One of the best takeaways native Brady"s stat heat is that because of his 99 awareness score, he"s far better able come avoid pressure in the bag and practically always hold on come the ball once taking a struggle of any kind of caliber. Only attracted Brees (another bag passer who additionally makes this list) have the right to move in and also out of the pocket through as much efficiency as Brady. That also method that if you don"t relocate Brady around yourself, he"s much much less likely to acquire sacked than other QBs (although it"s quiet possible).

Another huge takeaway is that Tom Brady"s Short and also Mid ACC ratings room 99 and also 98, respectively. This method that Brady almost never misses throw of 40 yards or less, enabling you to emphasis on quick slants across the middle or 30- to 40-yard short article routes with extreme confidence.

If we look in ~ Brady"s throw Power and Deep ACC, we watch that while Brady deserve to throw the sphere deep down ar (over 40 yards) v ease, he"s no as exact -- increasing his possibilities of one interception or incompletion.

On peak of all that, Brady"s traits make him among the ideal QBs for new players and also veterans alike. His best Sense press trait ensures that he will certainly be calm and accumulated in the pocket as soon as not under pressure and receive stat boosts much faster than various other QBs. Under pressure, Brady doesn"t panic, either. Instead, he braces for unavoidable contact and gets the sphere out fast, when still maintaining accuracy.

In short, Brady is a lethal bag passer that thrives when playing the traditional quarterback role. You certainly won"t check out him running everywhere the ar with those middling Speed and Agility ratings. Instead, you"ll desire to depend on short- to -mid-range overcome to chop ends and also slot receivers. Look for passing plays that feature digs, outs, and also curls with the sometimes fly course to store the defense honest. And with a 99 play-action happen rating, you"ll likewise want to keep a few quick-developing PA pass routes in her playbook.

Aaron Rodgers (Green bay Packers)

Aaron Rodgers has been among the ideal quarterbacks in the NFL because taking over the green Bay Packers native Brett Favre in 2008. And his stat heat in Madden 18 mirrors his so-far illustrious career -- and uncanny athletic capabilities together a signal caller.

Here"s his complete stat line:

Overall: 98Speed: 79Agility: 82Awareness: 97Throw Power: 97Short ACC: 96Mid ACC: 93Deep ACC: 89

Right off the bat, we have the right to tell the Aaron Rodgers has actually a slightly various skill set than Tom Brady no just due to the fact that of his balanced QB trait, but due to the fact that of his slightly different stat line.

In short, Rodgers is a much better runner 보다 Brady -- making him appropriate for players who favor to play a more mobile role in their attack schemes if still providing accuracy and power in the pocket. He"s nowhere near as cell phone as cam Newton or Russell Wilson, yet Rodgers is quick and also agile when contrasted to the various other QBs top top this list. That moves fast on the field with a 79 rate Rating and also makes far better athletic moves, such together cuts and also jukes, through an 82 Agility Rating.

Taking a closer in ~ his stat line, we likewise see that Rodgers has a slightly far better deep video game than Brady, however with a sacrifice to his short- and also mid-range capabilities. So if you"re a player the likes to hit targets down ar at 40 yards or more, Rodgers will be much more accurate 보다 Brady with a Deep ACC that 89.

That means that you have the right to take far better advantage of paris routes, depths outs, and also deeper slantswhile changing things increase with quick curls and also comebacks.

Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

It makes sense that the Falcons" signal caller would certainly make this perform -- and considering the year Matt Ryan had in 2016, it likewise makes sense that he"d be among the ideal quarterbacks in Madden 18.

It"s a well-known fact that Matt Ryan is a pure bag passer and not all the mobile -- even in the open up field. Instead, his toughness lie in short, specific passes, speed, and also keen situational awareness.

Here"s his complete stat line:

Overall: 96Speed: 72Agility: 69Awareness: 96Throw Power: 94Short ACC: 98Mid ACC: 94Deep ACC: 88

It"s clear that Matt Ryan is most effective when throwing short passes over the middle or in the flat. His Throw strength is decent at range, but solid enough come fit passes into tight windows at 10 come 20 yards. Pair this with his ideal forces Passes properties (which method QBs are more successful at fitting passes right into tighter windows) and Ryan"s spirals space often much easier to capture -- bring about fewer incompletions ~ above the entirety in the short- and mid-range pass game.

You"ll want to operation a many curls, slants, and also screens through Ryan, with the occasional in-route across the center at 10 come 20 yards. He have the right to be attention with post routes down the sideline -- yet like the other QBs ~ above this list, those high-risk, high-reward happen plays deserve to lead to more interceptions (or tips) than completions v a Deep ACC the 88. Make sure to acquire passes out early on if you"re looking large plays under the field.

Drew Brees (New orleans Saints)

Drew Brees may be a brief quarterback, yet that doesn"t store him indigenous seeing end the ravenous D-line play after play. A canny football tactician, attracted Brees leader the brand-new Orleans Saints with confidence and pointed soccer awareness, make him among the QBs in Madden.

Here"s his stat line:

Overall: 92Speed: 69Agility: 63Awareness: 99Throw Power: 90Short ACC: 97Mid ACC: 92Deep ACC: 87

The main thing to save in mind when it concerns Drew Brees is this: his short passing game. Brees is many accurate and also reliable when throwing quick passes -- especially with a short Throw strength of 90, which method he can"t gain as much distance native his spirals as other quarterbacks top top this list, and also he struggles at installation balls into tight windows.

But with an Awareness ability of 99, Brees is nearly impossible to rattle or sack, an interpretation that friend can far better focus on analysis the defense and also watching down-field routes.

Looking at Brees" short Speed and Agility ratings, you"ll want to save him in the bag as much as possible. He"s no a an excellent runner and he won"t it is in making defenders miss in the open up field. Rod to brief passing courses such as curls, comebacks, digs, and also outs come carve increase the defense. As soon as defenders start to to fill the box, go over the peak with part 20- to 40-yard write-up routes and also seems, because his Mid ACC is decent.

Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Anyone who"s watched a Pittsburgh Steelers video game in the previous decade knows that Ben Roethlisberger isn"t the many agile quarterback in the NFL. However for a huge guy, he can get up and also go once the bag collapses.

It"s a tiny interesting that Roethlisberger is rated higher than Russel Wilson and also Andrew luck -- however this is Madden, and also sometimes player ratings don"t do a totality hell of a most sense as soon as you look in ~ seasonal stats. We"ll simply go with big Ben"s pedigree for his ranking this time around.

Here"s his stat line:

Overall: 91Speed: 74Agility: 67Awareness: 90Throw Power: 95Short ACC: 94Mid ACC: 90Deep ACC: 85

The biggest takeaway right here is that you won"t be running with Roethlisberger -- or making defenders miss with jukes or spins. Store Roethlisberger in the pocket, however keep an eye on defenders coming off the flank or increase the middle. Large Ben"s awareness is low when compared to other Top 5 QBs, and when you couple that with his oblivious Sense push trait, you"ll uncover that he"s an ext prone come fumbles and sacks 보다 Brady, Rodgers, Ryan, or Brees.

Knowing that, focus on short passing plays and also screens with boosted pass security from her O-line. Don"t be afraid to hit some of your wide outs end the middle or under the sideline in ~ 40 yards or more, though. V a throw power of 95 and an agressive pressure Passes trait, Roethlisberger is may be to release bullet passes quicker than Brees -- somewhat comprising for his low Deep ACC and middling Mid ACC.

Bonus: Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)


Alright, this is for all you wildcat/mobile QB lover out there. Russell Wilson is hands under the finest scrambling quarterback in Madden 18. Even though camer Newton is a beast in 18 and also a stellar first-team pick, Wilson just edges him out in Speed and also Agility.

Here"s his stat line:

Overall: 90Speed: 86Agility: 92Awareness: 87Throwing Power: 93Short ACC: 91Mid ACC: 87Deep ACC: 85

Russell Wilson is a duel hazard on the gridiron since he"s a knowledgeable passer and dangerous runner. Looking in ~ his stat line, you"ll view that favor some of the various other QBs ~ above this list, Wilson has actually a relatively strong short-passing game. He"s able to hit fast outs, curls, and comebacks under 20 yards v ease, especially with a Throwing power of 93.

However, his biggest strength lies in his Speed and also Agility ratings. Wilson is simply plain fast, definition he"ll go toe-to-toe with some of Madden 18"s finest DBs and also LBs. But include to that his insane 92 Agility rating, and also you"ll watch that juking those defenders is less complicated than with nearly any various other QB.

In a nutshell, you"ll desire to use Wilson as a runner when the pocket collapses or when a huge hole opens in the middle of the field. Look because that bootleg plays and options to round out your playbook when Wilson is your signal caller. Just make sure to watch because that blitzers and inside rushers when in the pocket, as well as big hitters in the open field since his Awareness is low and also he"s susceptible to fumbling the ball.


Since the NFL is a pass-heavy league, it renders sense the Madden would certainly follow in those footsteps. In the vein, these are the finest pro-style quarterbacks in the game right now. They"re virtually exclusively bag passers that thrive on letting your O-line pass block while lock scan the field for open up targets.

However, if you"re looking come shake things up just a small bit and also you"re a more mobile QB player, you"ll desire to look right into Russell Wilson,Cam Newton, and Dak Prescott. Every is stout and carries with him a high Speed and also Agility rating, making for perfect because that bootlegs, sneaks, and also scrambles.

At the end of the day, the best signal caller really counts on her playstyle and playbook. But even if you"re not playing with any type of of these groups or football player in Madden 18, remember that you have the right to trade for any kind of one of these players -- as long as you"ve acquired the cap space.

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What QBs perform you think should have made this list? Who do you think is the finest quarterback inMadden 18? allow us recognize if the comments below! and make certain to inspect out our various other Madden 18 guidesfor much more tips the will help you overcome the field.