In in march 2016, Jackson pledged to fund projects in Chattanooga’s classrooms as part of a nationwide Donors select campaign. | Screenshot/Youtube

By Brianna Williams 

Hollywood may be 2,138 miles away, but ours city quiet manages to store up the celeb connections. 

Singer, actor, dancer + coach ~ above “The Voice,” water level is a Chattanooga native who’s known to popular music up for a surprise school visit or because that pizza top top the phibìc Shore.

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And if that’s not cool enough, Samuel L. Jackson hails native Chattanooga and also he came earlier to salary tribute to victim of the July 16, 2015 shootings here. He’s also shared his experiences farming up in a segregated Chattanooga on talk and news shows. 

Check out our perform of talented, significant stars who acquired their beginning in Chattanooga. 

Bonus: Umm…Look who was in NOOGA critical week and also somehow we missed him. Yeah. It’s “Chasing Amy” manager Kevin Smith.

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Bessie SmithBorn in 1894Known for: Singing the blues

Bessie smith was called the Empress of Blues in the 1920s + ‘30s. When she to be younger, Smith and also her brother performed on the roadways of Chattanooga to earn money.

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Dennis HaskinsBorn in 1950Known for: “Saved through the Bell”

Dennis Haskins, AKA Mr. Belding in “Saved through the Bell,” to be born and also raised in Chattanooga. That attended Notre Dame High School and played basketball + cheered in ~ UTC. That comes back to Chattanooga quite often and has to be nice sufficient to take a selfie with our editor, Chloé. 

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Lori PettyBorn in 1963Known for: “A organization of your Own,” “Point Break,” “Free Willy” + “Orange is the brand-new Black”

Lori Petty has actually played countless a duty throughout she career, including the surfer that teaches Keanu Reeves come surf in the thriller “Point Break.”

Leslie JordanBorn in 1955Known for: “Will & Grace,” “American fear Story”

Leslie Jordan moved to Chattanooga as a child. That performed in the UTC Theater and the Dance theatre Workshop before moving come LA

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Samuel L. JacksonBorn in 1948Known for: “Pulp Fiction,” Marvel Cinematic Universe, “A Time to Kill,” his voice + a lot of moreJackson, that has appeared in more than 100 films, lived on Lookout Street throughout his childhood. The attended eastern Fifth Street School and Riverside High, i m sorry is now dubbed Chattanooga college for the art & Sciences.

Reggie WhiteBorn in 1961Known For: NFL player 

Reggie White to be a two-time NFL defensive Player of the Year that played because that the Philadelphia Eagles, eco-friendly Bay Packers + Carolina Panthers. He’s one of the many awarded players in NFL history. 

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Terrell OwensBorn in 1973Known For: NFL Player

While Owens no born in Chattanooga, the did attend UTC, wherein he ran track and played basketball + football. The went top top to become a six-time pro Bowl selection and also shares numerous NFL records. He likewise chose to involved Chattanooga come give his NFL room of fame speech. 

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UsherBorn in 1978Known for: Singing, exhilaration + dance career, “The Voice” 

Usher was technically born in Dallas yet raised right below in Chattanooga for the many part. He sang in the choir in ~ St. Elmo missionary, where his grandma discovered he had a knack because that it. He’s been well-known to avoid by the city to visit, so store your eyes peeled. 


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