VH1 is going to therapy. The network has actually announced that their new series, VH1 household Therapy with Dr. Jenn, will premiere on march 16th.

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The series comes native the exact same producers as VH1 Couples treatment with Dr. Jenn.

The brand-new show will function celebrity families undergoing 3 weeks that intensive family therapy v Dr. Jenn Mann. The family members include: Dina and also Michael Lohan, Bobby, Jeremy, and Damon Dash, Bam and April Margera, Tiffany “New York” Pollard and also her mother, Sister Patterson, and Teen Mom Briana Dejesus alongside her sister, Brittany Dejesus.

Read the full announcement below:

LOS ANGELES, CA – (February XX, 2016) – Blood is thicker than water – however the harsh spotlight that fame deserve to thin it out for part families. Just ask infamous households like The Gosselins, The Duggars or The Hogans. If fame and also fortune can give you almost everything girlfriend desire, it absolutely doesn’t to buy happiness, heal past wounds or resolve deep-rooted family issues. Dr. Jenn Mann return to the couch for a brand-new kind of treatment this spring. From the executive, management producers of “VH1 Couples treatment with Dr. Jenn,” VH1 will premiere the brand-new series “VH1 household Therapy v Dr. Jenn” top top Wednesday, march 16th at 9PM ET/PT.

From man Irwin’s Irwin Entertainment, the producer of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” new series “VH1 family Therapy with Dr. Jenn” features five family members at a crossroads in their relationship as lock undergo three weeks that intensive household therapy. Under the indict of Dr. Jenn Mann and also with the aid of Dr. Christian Conte, an anger management expert, the celebrity clients will get involved in group and also individual therapy together with relationship exercises the end in the “real world” to watch if they can rebuild their relationship — or if it’s just time for them to reduced ties.

The family members who have actually booked time in a new therapeutic environment with nationally renowned connection & family therapist Dr. Jenn Mann are:

· Tiffany “New York” Pollard who struggles with her mom Sister Patterson treating her favor a child, expecting her to obey she every word and also command. Regardless of living 3000 mile apart, Tiffany tho can’t break away from she mother’s over-bearing and also dominating personality, and she desperately wants to find out how.

· year after acquiring a divorce, celebrity exes Dina Lohan and also Michael Lohan room in desperate require of assist in order come successfully develop a healthy family setting for their children. After ~ tabloids recorded every moment of your rocky divorce, these two have no an option but to learn to job-related together if they desire to prevent their children’s suffering from being caught in the middle.

· Damon Dash and brothers Jeremy Dash and also Bobby Dash attend to the form of sibling rivalry countless can called to. While they all share the exact same father, cultivation up with various mothers and childhood experiences has actually led to bitter fighting and bouts of not speaking to one another.

· reality TV star Bam Margera ended up being a household name for tormenting his mother April Margera top top MTV’s “Jackass”, but his fame and also fortune led to a dark battle with alcoholism. Along with seeking sobriety, he likewise needs to repair the damage he resulted in to his relationship with his mother.

· “Teen Mom” Briana Dejesus and also sister Brittany Dejesus were first introduced to viewers ~ above the MTV collection “16 and also Pregnant” and also “Teen mommy 3” chronicling the birth of Briana’s baby and also Brittany’s decision to end her pregnancy. Despite living together, the just thing maintaining their toxic partnership in examine is Briana’s daughter Nova.

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Dr. Jenn Mann, a well-known marriage and also family therapist, author, speaker, and also radio host, will certainly be the connection therapist for the couples. Dr. Jenn is the host of the well-known call-in advice routine “The Dr. Jenn Show” on The Stars Channel which is heard ~ above Sirius XM. She is the author of three bestselling books: SuperBaby: 12 methods to offer Your kid a Head begin in the an initial 3 Years, The A to Z guide to increasing Happy confident Kids and also Rockin’ Babies. People come to check out her in her private practice for a selection of reasons, together as: relationship issues, parenting, eating disorders, problem abuse, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, and sexual abuse. She likewise works v performers and entertainment professionals handling creativity and also performance issues and also does consulting with a variety of related organizations including The gibbs Fund and A boy Consideration. Dr. Mann likewise created the “No an ext Diets” application, i beg your pardon is currently easily accessible on iphone & iPad.

Dr. Conte is the creator of yield Theory, a powerful approach to combine radical compassion with aware education in order come treat anger issues. He currently uses this an approach in training sports teams and in prisons working v inmates. Dr. Conte has likewise written several books including Life Lessons, Getting control of Yourself, and also Zen Parent, Zen Child. He was also the host of “Coaching Bad” on Spike TV, whereby he operated with NFL star ray Lewis come rehabilitate coaches v anger administration problems.”

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