Family Guy has actually taken target at Taylor Swift and also her relationship dramas in hilarious fashion.

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The recent episode that season 15, \"Chris Has acquired A Date, Date, Date, Date, Date\", saw a cartoon version of Tay-Tay (obviously voiced by someone else) expropriate an invite from kris Griffin to go to his school dance.

At the event, the pair dance like \"an unattended fire hose\" and they finish the night v a kiss, but Chris is devastated the following morning as soon as Taylor publication \"The boy In The large Tux\".

Taking a dig at her separation songs, Tay-Tay defined to Chris: \"I constantly do this. I ruin relationships with nice guys and John Mayer simply so I can write songs around heartbreak and moving on.\"

And she fans didn\"t escape either, v the episode\"s closing scene seeing her shot to song a happy song around Chris, but only gaining booed turn off the stage. Chris, lovable loser the he is, climate insults she so that she can proceed performing her split song.

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It\"s no the an initial time that Taylor has showed up on the comedy, with a season 12 illustration seeing Peter Griffin fulfill her and \"Taylor Not-So-Swift\".

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Earlier this month, it to be reported the she was making music through Drake, simply weeks after his noticeable permanent separation from Rihanna. The 2 were likewise allegedly spotted flirting at Drake\"s date of birth party in October.

Her ex Calvin Harris has actually seemingly made the up with her despite after your not-particularly-amicable split.

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